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Why was Adam Kodra fired from ‘Below Deck Down Under’ season 2?

Adam joins a long list of crewmates who were kicked off the show.

Adam Kodra in Below Deck confessional, in blue polo shirt
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The second season of Below Deck Down Under has been the most eventful yet, and the latest episode is no different. Episode 12 saw the firing of deckhand Adam Kodra, the third crew member to be forced out of the Northern Sun super-yacht this season alone.

Adam Kodra had been at the other end of a firing just weeks ago, when stewardess Laura Bileskalne was fired by Captain Jason Chambers for repeated unwanted advances against Adam, as well as her defense of Luke Jones’ attempted sexual assault, which resulted in Luke’s own firing. Now, Adam has been at the center of his own controversy that resulted in the loss of his job.

Why was Adam Kodra fired from ‘Below Deck Down Under’ season 2?

Adam Kodra mishandled the anchor when the ship was setting sail, dropping it onto the ground with brutal force during its motion. The incident caused over $1,000 worth of damage to the luxury yacht, which was a surprising mistake from a cast member who won over so many fans through his hard work and positive vibes.

While it was a rare gaffe from the deckhand, Captain Jason decided that the damage to the yacht, as well as safety concerns, proved too much to risk if he kept Adam on. “I can’t believe it. I was learning a lot and I was having a lot of fun. It just sucks that it’s getting cut short,” an emotional Adam said in a confessional. “I completely messed up. You don’t have anyone to blame but yourself.”

Hopes of Adam’s return were quickly dashed by Luka Brunton, who was swiftly drafted in to replace Adam’s deckhand role by the end of the episode.

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