Wil Wheaton To Host Star Trek: Picard After Show


Star Trek: Picard is upon us. We’re just 10 days from seeing Patrick Stewart return to the screen as the eponymous captain, his first appearance in the franchise since the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis. And ramping up the publicity, the hype, the hyplicity (think it’ll catch on?) even further now, CBS have announced an addition to their roster for those intent on dissecting the show further.

The Ready Room is a post-episode autopsy – possibly the wrong word – that’ll give fans even more detail on what they’ve just seen, only now it has a new host. Another familiar face, in fact. Though it appears unlikely he’ll be making his own Star Trek return this time around, Wil Wheaton has been given the role of Ready Room host for Picard’s 10 episode run.

Here’s CBS’ official statement, via Twitter:

As they describe it, The Ready Room will be a “deep dive” into the show. With one of Star Trek’s most avid popular custodians onboard to present, fans will have an accessible point-of-reference should they wish to explore what it has on offer. Wheaton has long had a deep association with the series since starring as Wesley Crusher in The Next Generation and it seems fans of that character will have to contend with Wheaton’s non-canon contributions for now (they dream, they dream).

I’m not much of a Trekkie myself – don’t all throw your pitchforks at once. How sacrilegious is it to say that you enjoyed the J.J. Abrams reboot a lot, but haven’t made the effort to dig into Star Trek’s back-catalogue? I’ve seen The Wrath of Khan at least, does that count for anything? I should never have told you my secret, ugh.

Seriously, though, Star Trek: Picard can’t come soon enough.