Wilfred Season 1-12 ‘Sacrifice’ Recap

So things are getting more and more interesting in Wilfred leading up to next week’s season finale.We’re still not sure if Ryan is crazy, or if he’s experiencing a true existential change of perspective, or if it’s all a big dream, but he’s coming to terms with feelings for cute neighbor Jenna in this week’s episode “Sacrifice”.

Ryan and Wilfred are hanging as usual at the beach, when a beautiful Italian woman approaches Ryan and basically propositions him. He feels a connection to her, and when she invites him to go rollerblading he almost goes until man-dog Wilfred reminds him that Jenna needs him. Apparently, Ryan promised Jenna he’d wait for the cable guy for her while she was at work at her new job as anchorwoman.

Wilfred takes his job as Jenna’s protector very seriously, and that means keeping Ryan in line as her helper. Only, Ryan is getting tired of always making sacrifices for Jenna when she doesn’t do anything for him in return. In fact, he begins to realize that she is using him.

The problem is, Ryan has feelings for her but they are unrequited (as Jenna has a long-distance boyfriend). So when Ryan’s new Italian crush asks him to go to Italy with her, he finally decides to something for himself.

Wilfred is beside himself at the thought of Ryan leaving, not only because of their friendship but because Wilfred believes Jenna needs Ryan to be safe. After Jenna accidentally eats some pot candy she picked up at Ryan’s house, she goes on air high and is subsequently fired.

All set to go on his trip, Ryan knows Jenna is crushed about losing her new job but he has to do something for himself for once. Wilfred begs him to stay and help Jenna through her crisis, telling Ryan to sleep on it.

After that cryptic demand, Ryan has a strange dream in which he’s on trial, the room filled with people in his life and the judge and lawyer both being played by Wilfred. He’s being condemned for leaving those he really loves in need, and not making a sacrifice for them.

When he wakes up, he realizes he loves Jenna and needs to stay for her, even if his love isn’t returned. Wilfred is happy about his decision to stay, and acts like he knows what went on in Ryan’s dream. Just another bizarre event that makes you wonder if any of what Ryan is experiencing is real.

These are some interesting events leading up to the season finale, in which we may discover what’s really going on. Last week’s episode didn’t answer many questions and was frustratingly cryptic, but we did learn that someone else saw Wilfred as a man and had been in Ryan’s position.

This week Ryan embraces his love for Jenna, and we see some signs that she may really be softening towards him, but we’re no closer to learning the truth of Wilfred’s existence (as far as him being an obnoxious Australian man in a dog suit).

Elijah Wood has perfected the anxious nice guy Ryan, and I think he’s done a great job engaging audiences and delivering a compelling performance. Wilfred has become a character you kind of love to hate, and Jason Gann has the comedic chops to deliver all the obnoxious crudeness necessary to sell his character.

We haven’t seen too much of Fiona Gubelmann‘s Jenna so far, but her character has been more present in the last few episodes. Since this season is almost finished, it doesn’t look like Ryan is going to get together with her but their relationship is definitely set up for something in season two.

While this episode wasn’t as funny or involved as some previous episodes, it does set things up for what looks to be an exciting season finale.