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William Shatner welcomes new Captain Kirk to ‘Star Trek’

The original Kirk portrayer wished Paul Wesley well when he joins Star Trek: Strange New Worlds second season now filming.

William Shatner speaks of depressing journey into space
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Inflation has brought us multiple Batmen, Spider-Men, higher prices on goods, and now a new James T. Kirk will soon be at the helm in the coming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with original actor William Shatner’s massive support.

The 90-year-old tweeted the above yesterday in response to the news of former The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley taking the role in the show’s second season which is now filming even before the first streams in May. It will take place a decade before the show Shatner starred on and Star Trek: Discovery’s Anson Mount returns as Christopher Pike. The work will go to Paramount Plus and, for fans, the original’s blessing was all that was needed for faith in the coming take.

“This is the moment that Paul Wesley became Captain Kirk for me. If William Shatner approves, then how can’t I?”

-Benjamin Stock (BenjaminStock6) March 15, 2022

Another fan posted an image of multiple Kirk actors in their prime years in Star Trek photoshopped onto the Spider-Man: No Way Home stars’ bodies in the pointing meme as a hint of a possible future. The series was doing different universes and realities long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so there is always the potential for a similar kind of moment. If so, they could step through a portal together and may be joined by Ethan Peck’s Spock from Star Trek: Discovery and the coming show as well as Zachary Quinto’s version from the timeline created by J.J. Abrams which is also set to return.

Possibilities are limitless, but, for now, some are just happy with Wesley looking the part, and one fan went so far as to post a photoshopped image of him and Shatner’s Kirk beside each other. There is certainly a resemblance of sorts.

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