The Witcher Fans Discover Odd Detail About Geralt’s Sword That You Can’t Unsee


Not a lot of people who cross swords with Geralt of Rivia live to tell everyone else that it’s a terrible mistake. This is precisely the sort of menacing picture that the creators tried to capture with The Witcher, though fans have recently discovered an amusing detail about Geralt’s sword that they can’t get out of their heads.

Whether it’s in video games, novels, comic books, or even live-action adaptations, it’s always a treat to watch Geralt slice up hellish monsters with his silver sword. Fortunately for fans, Netflix’s The Witcher has many instances where the monster-slayer gets a chance to put his unique swordplay skills to test, both to kill demonic creatures that have plagued human lands after the Conjunction of Spheres and to fight thugs or murderers, who often prove to be more wicked and diabolical than these monsters.

But one detail about Geralt’s sword, which usually hangs on his back, takes all the gravitas and austerity out of the monster-slaying business. Yes, fans have been amused to find out that despite Geralt’s own stoic and brooding manner, his sword has a cheerful face. As one user on Twitter pointed out, there’s a visible contrast between the Witcher and his sword’s demeanor, which you can see below:

But this is another one of those intricate details that’ll surprise you on your rewatch. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize that the decoration on the sword’s hilt is actually a pin that Renfri wore on her outfit in Episode 1, “The End’s Beginning.”

Based on the short story from The Last Wish called “The Lesser Evil.” Geralt had to choose between killing a sorcerer who had ruined Renfri’s childhood and the lives of the people of Blaviken. Ultimately, he chose to stop Renfri and her gang, killing her in the process. As shown in the Netflix series, the guilt haunts Geralt for many years to come, and perhaps that’s the reason he decided to decorate his sword in Renfri’s memory.

The Witcher put a lot of emphasis on Renfri in the first season and even connected Geralt’s remorse to the fact that he’s always trying to save princesses from danger. As the show’s second season is now in development, we’ll just have to wait and see if the White Wolf manages to get over his guilt and find peace with his Child Surprise.