X-Men Star Reportedly Playing The MCU’s Mephisto


In the mid-2010s, we saw the ‘Battle of the Quicksilvers.’ In the red corner was Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s take in Avengers: Age of Ultron, who began the film as a villain and ended up dying a heroic death in the final battle. In the blue corner was Evan Peters in X-Men: Days of Future Past, who pretty much stole the show with that insanely cool ‘Time in a Bottle’ kitchen sequence.

Peters went on to star in the X-Men sequels, while Taylor-Johnson quickly became a footnote in the MCU. But now it appears that they may finally be brought together in WandaVision. We’ve already heard talk that the MCU’s Quicksilver might cameo in the show as part of Scarlet Witch’s fantasy world, and we recently learned that Evan Peters has joined the series. His role hasn’t been confirmed by Marvel just yet, but according to insider Grace Randolph, he’s set to play one of the most powerful and evil presences in the Marvel Universe: Mephisto.

If you’re unfamiliar with the character, Mephisto is basically the devil, but carefully tweaked so as not to annoy the religious right too much. He looks exactly like a traditional devil, rules a fiery dimension he calls “Hell,” has a legion of demons who serve him and seeks to snare the souls of mortals. But don’t let that all that fool you, as he’s not the actual devil. Honest.

Given that WandaVision is about Scarlet Witch living a dream life with her dead robot boyfriend and imaginary children, Mephisto’s talents of temptation and ability to make wishes come true would be a good fit. After all, what diabolical deals might a witch make to in order to save the people she loves?

WandaVision is listed for December 2020 on Disney+, so let’s hope we see a little more of the show at some point over the summer. We’ll get hopefully our first taste of the platform’s MCU series in August, when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is expected to premiere. There’s no specific date for that, either, but with a little under two months to go, you have to imagine we’ll hear specifics very soon.