Xander Berkeley’s Role In The Walking Dead Season 6 Finally Revealed



Last September, it was revealed that Xander Berkeley had been cast in the sixth season of The Walking Dead in what sounded like a key role. While there was initially some speculation that he might be playing Negan, both that and the veteran character actor’s mystery role were largely forgotten about when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as that foul mouthed villain, but we now know who the 24 alum is set to star as.

Berkeley is set to take on the role of Gregory, a character from the comic books who is described as “the leader of the Hilltop Colony, a coward to the core and a total nightmare for Maggie and Rick.”

This (along with set photos featuring Tom Payne as Paul “Jesus” Monroe”) confirms that we’ll be meeting communities away from the Alexandria Safe Zone in season six of The Walking Dead, and that they’ll somehow factor into what is sure to be a violent rivalry between Rick and the Negan led Saviors when the hit AMC series returns for a seventh year.

Just how much this version of Gregory will differ to his comic book counterpart remains to be seen, but this is yet another impressive and exciting addition to the already amazing cast of The Walking Dead.

Source: TV Line

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