Xbox Game Pass users can watch ‘Halo’ free on Paramount Plus for 30 days

first halo reviews paramount plus
Image via Paramount / Halo

Microsoft has announced that all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to catch the forthcoming Halo series on Paramount Plus for free with a 30-day trial that starts on March 23.

We’re now officially less than a week away from the live-action adaptation to the highly popular sci-fi video game franchise. While Halo has been developed by Showtime for distribution on Paramount’s streaming service, one would do well to remember that the IP actually belongs to Microsoft. As such, they’ve just announced via a blog post on the official Xbox website that Game Pass Ultimate users will be able to watch the new series, or at least its first four episodes, for free through a 30-day trial period.

The game franchise is currently available on Game Pass in its entirety, so for those who’ve yet to dive into this fictional universe, this could serve as the perfect opportunity to mash two potatoes with one fork, and get the full Halo experience on Game Pass, provided that you have an Xbox or PC to play the games on.

Xbox Game Pass continues to increase its prospects as a compelling live service at a relentless pace. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that eight new games were making their way to the platform, and then sprang two additional titles on fans by secretly adding them to the library. Now, they’re providing their 25+ million subscribers with the opportunity to watch the adaptation for free.

After spending many a year in development hell, Halo is premiering on March 24, though to a somewhat mixed reception at that.