Yahoo Screen Turns Community Into The First Bionic Show



“Ratings? Where we’re going, we don’t need ratings.” There was a collective cry of joy from Community‘s passionate fanbase at the end of June, when Yahoo Screen saved the show from cancellation with an eleventh-hour pick-up. Suddenly, the darkest timeline fans had been living in since the beloved cult comedy got the axe from NBC had been averted.

Since that incredible day, news about Yahoo Screen’s upcoming 13-episode sixth season of the show has just been getting better and better. We now know that showrunner Dan Harmon is planning to take full advantage of the reduced creative controls over at Yahoo, and that most of the main cast will be returning (unfortunately, John Oliver’s commitment to Last Week Tonight means his Professor Duncan will likely not be appearing, and still no word on whether Donald Glover will return). Additionally, discussions about a movie have been happening, likely to follow season 6.

Now, Yahoo Screen has launched a Community section on its website, complete with a video recapping the first five seasons of the show and promising greatness for season 6. It’s a completely awesome little sizzle reel, filled with jokes that suggest Yahoo Screen is completely on board with letting Harmon do whatever he wants with Community (which is a very good thing indeed). To give one example, season 4 is summed up with the characters witnessing a gas leak – a pretty accurate representation of the shoddy season, which suffered tremendously from NBC firing Harmon and replacing him with Aliens in America showrunners Moses Port and Dave Guarascio.

Check out the video below, in which Yahoo plots to make the world’s first “bionic show,” and stay tuned for news on when Community will be returning with new episodes.

Source: Yahoo

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