Young Justice: Outsiders Confirms Major Character As LGBT


To say that the third season of Young Justice has been a time for change when it comes to the hero known as Kaldur’ahm is an understatement. I mean, not only has he graduated from being Aqualad to inheriting the mantle of Aquaman and joining the Justice League, but he’s also now representing the LGBT community.

In case you haven’t seen the most recent episode to air, “Early Warning,” Kaldur did a solid for a young girl whose metahuman powers freshly manifested themselves. Basically, she can breathe only underwater now, so Aquaman did the right thing by taking her to Atlantis so that she needn’t live in fear.

While there, we were introduced to Kaldur’s new romantic partner – and it’s actually another guy. Considering how he once carried a torch for Tula, it’s probably safe to say that he’s bisexual. Whether the new boyfriend sticks around remains to be seen because Darkseid’s on his way and there could be some massive collateral damage to go along with his arrival on Earth, but we can’t rule out a happy ending for the young lovers.

Truth be told, the big reveal doesn’t come as much of a shocker due to Kaldur’s comic book counterpart, Jackson Hyde, being gay himself. And though they’re pretty much identical and were introduced around the same time in their respective forms of media, it could be argued that the two Aqualads are different characters. Regardless, we’ve seen some shared traits, otherwise we wouldn’t be discussing any of this today.

Romantic pairings aside, it’s worth mentioning that more adventures for Aquaman, Nightwing, Superboy, Kid Flash and too many other superheroes to list off here are on the way, as the series has indeed been renewed for a fourth season.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the remaining episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders‘ current season Tuesdays on DC Universe.