‘Zootopia+’ already has fans fuzzily thirsty for three new characters

zootopia+ art disney plus day
Courtesy of Disney+

Characters from the popular Disney animated feature Zootopia have made their way back to the screen, albeit the small screen this time. Zootopia+ is a Disney Plus series that features some of the characters we already met in the film in six slice-of-life episodes, with returning characters like Fru Fru the shrew, Flash the sloth, and Duke the weasel now front and center. Some new characters will also make an appearance, and a few of these additions are getting furries hot under the collar.

We’ve all had awkward crushes on cartoons, whether we lusted over Flynn Rider in Tangled, or Jasmine in Aladdin, the majority of us have had a crush on some animated character at some point or another (and anyone who claims they haven’t is either kidding themselves or doesn’t own a T.V). Some people take their amore for animation to the next level, though, when they crush, and crush hard, on anthropomorphized animal characters.

Whether it be Nala’s sexy bedroom eyes in The Lion King, foxy Robin from Robin Hood, or, for the real nasty freaks out there, Scar from The Lion King (hello, it is Jeremy Irons’ voice doing all the work there) there are plenty of examples of animal characters that have been depicted in a way that defines them as “attractive.” This type of love has been taken even further by individuals who classify themselves as furries, a subset of fans that adore anthropomorphized animals, and will dress up as them and even attend furry conventions. A series like Zootopia+ is right up their alley, then, as it brings even more fantastic characters to life.

For this fan, the addition of multiple attractive tigers is just too much for their brain to take in.

Another user would disagree completely, and say that we don’t have enough attractive tigers in our media.

I mean, look how smooth the one is!

It isn’t just the tigers getting some love, though.

There is too much temptation on offer for this user.

With the arrival of the show, fans know that some fan art is about to drop.

With one user saying there is so much inspiration offered by the show.

And they’re right, the artwork is already starting to flood the internet!

It’s not just furries that will enjoy the show, which looks to be full of humor and light-hearted stories featuring lovable characters in humorous situations, and it almost feels like we are being spoiled. The series has re-sparked a desire for a sequel to the original movie that has been on the cards for some time, too, with nothing solid ever having been confirmed.