Happy Second Birthday, We Got This Covered!


Hey everybody. Guess what? Today is a very special day. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s our birthday, and We Got This Covered is two years old! Yup, that’s right. Today marks our 730th day in existence. Exciting, isn’t it?

Like we did last year, let’s take a look back on our history and reflect on how far we’ve come since June 28th, 2010. It’s definitely been a tough and trying two years but here we are, still standing and still in one piece.

So, 6.5 million page views and 4.5 million visitors later, it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back for making it this far. After all, most sites don’t make it past their first year!

As we continue to expand our reach (we have visitors from 227 countries around the world), we also continue to rack up our accomplishments. With contributions from over 100 authors and close to 10,000 articles, our library of content continues to grow everyday. Oh, and there’s also our fantastic podcast: WGTC Radio.

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Matt Joseph

Matt Joseph is the co-founder, owner and Editor in Chief of We Got This Covered. He currently attends the University of Western Ontario and is studying at the Richard Ivey School of Business. He works on We Got This Covered in his spare time and enjoys writing for the site.