Where is Amazon’s Wheel of Time Filmed?

Amazon’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s high fantasy epic, The Wheel of Time began streaming this weekend and while the series features an array of stellar acting talent many are commenting on the breakout appeal of its gorgeous shoot locations. So where are the locations that bring this sword and sorcery saga alive?

Amazon’s producers have definitely borrowed a page or two from the scouts of HBOs blockbuster Game of Thrones, choosing to film predominantly in Eastern Europe. Much like Thrones‘ Westeros, The action of Wheel of Time is set upon the completely fictional World of the Wheel. Producers utilized locations in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia.

To construct the fictional town of Two Rivers, producers set up shop in a quarry outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. The team also constructed a brand new studio, named, appropriately enough, Jordan Studios, to film interiors. Additional scenes were filmed in the ruins of Dolský mlýn.

To film scenes taking place in the mountainous regions of the World of the Wheel, producers selected the town of Bovec in Slovenia for its stunning mountain views. The village of Soca also is featured prominently.

Finally, the town of Dubrovnik, in Croatia, already recognizable by Game of Thrones fans as the setting for Kings Landing, is utilized to recreate the aesthetic of an older, more populous city.

Fans of the series can look forward to other settings as well as each of the Dragon Reborn candidates traverse their own particular regions of the World. Already in the works are sets in the Canary Islands and Italy in addition to its current Eastern European settings.