Exclusive Video Interview With Dash Berlin At EDC Orlando 2014


One of the most unique and exciting sounds in EDM comes from Dash Berlin, the Dutch music project created by Jeffrey Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg, and Sebastiaan Molijn. While Sutorius acts as the frontman/face of the group, Kalberg and Molijn are still very much a part of the creative process and as Jeffrey tells us in this exclusive interview, “without Jeffrey there’s no Dash Berlin, and without Eelke and Sebastiaan there’s no Dash Berlin.”

Those familiar with the group will no doubt know the impact they’ve had on the music industry ever since releasing their breakthrough single “Till The Sky Falls Down” back in 2007. After the song was picked up and promoted heavily by Armin Van Buuren, the group was signed to his Armada Music label and from there, things really took off.

Currently sitting at #14 on the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, Dash Berlin is widely considered to be one of the most influential and adored trance/progressive acts in EDM, and for good reason. As the group’s loyal followers (who call themselves Dashers) will attest to, Dash Berlin consistently puts out beautiful and emotionally-charged music that is often a breath of fresh air amongst the heavier sounds coming from the genre these days.

From their earlier releases, like the aforementioned “Till The Sky Falls Down” and “Waiting,” to some of their newer material, like “Steal You Away” and “When You Were Around,” the group always impresses and continues to evolve their sound with each new piece they put out.

This past weekend, Dash Berlin (more specifically, Jeffrey) arrived at EDC Orlando to play an energetic and as always, emotional set to a sold-out crowd in Tinker Field. It was a definite highlight of the weekend and as a huge fan of the DJ, I was thrilled to land an exclusive interview with him before he went on stage. As one of the friendliest artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Jeffrey was a real treat to chat with. We spoke about how he became the frontman of the group, what we can expect from We Are Pt. 2, how he describes his sound, and much more!

Check out the video above to hear what Dash Berlin had to say and enjoy the interview!