Exclusive Video Interview With Tritonal


When it comes to American DJs, Texas-based producers, Tritonal, rank amongst the best. Starting off as a trance act in 2007, the group soon made the move to progressive house and haven’t looked back ever since. With a loyal fanbase (who call themselves Tritonians), and countless hit singles and albums under their belts, Dave Reed and Chad Csineros are festival favorites thanks to their energetic sets and dedication to crowd engagement at each and every show.

Recently, the guys stopped by The Guvernment in Toronto for another exciting concert. Setting the crowd on fire with tracks like “Now or Never,” “Colors,” “Anchor” and more, Chad and Dave put on a memorable performance that won’t soon leave the minds of those who were lucky enough to catch them.

Before they got on stage though, I was lucky enough to catch up with the duo for a quick interview. Taking place in a makeshift green room, the lighting, unfortunately, wasn’t ideal. We did the best we could with it, but the picture quality of the video did take a bit of a hit.

Thankfully, the interview itself went great, as Chad and Dave were more than willing to open up and chat with me about everything from how they first formed the group to what we can expect from them going forward.

Check out our interview with Tritonal in the video above and enjoy!