Lion King Fans Are Learning The Hard Way That Pumbaa Wouldn’t Be Friendly In This Viral Video

We’ll admit that Disney’s 1994 classic The Lion King is a masterpiece of a film that marries epic drama, breathtaking animations, impossibly catchy music, and a star-studded cast. The photorealistic computer animated 2019 reboot by Jon Favreau certainly exists as well, we suppose.

But if there’s one thing the musical set in African and loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet does not get right, however, it’s the depiction of its wild animal protagonists doing everything from breaking out into song to engaging in quippy dialogue to an apex predator like the lion Simba befriending his would-be prey, the jovial warthog Pumbaa and meerkat Timon.

After someone met a very Pumbaa-looking warthog in the wild, however, they found out the hard way that this creature had exactly a 0% of singing showtunes any time soon, as a rather hilarious video making the rounds on Twitter indicates:

While the video itself is pretty hilarious and is worthy of a “trending” notice on Twitter in and of itself, people’s reactions to the clip are proving to be the comedy gift that keeps on giving. People’s reactions have ranged from people criticizing the incorrect spelling of “Pumba” (with one “a”) to those pointing out the utter stupidity of using a cartoon as a wildlife guide. And even in the film, Pumbaa could get his hands dirty.

They call him Mr. Pig, after all.

This is your last warning, safari seekers.

*Homer Simpson voice* Mmmmm… Pumbaa bacon…. *drools*

We needed a video to learn not to mess with wildlife?

What do the people running Twitter even do all day?

Say his name.

This is no time for songs.

RIP Timon.

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