Watch: Jack Stauber’s First Video In Over A Year Is Strangely Creepy

Jack Stauber is a bit of a curious enigma in the world of animation and music. His songs have been a constant inspiration for various internet memes with hits like “Oh Klahoma” and “Buttercup” going viral on TikTok upon their release. He’s known for creating songs with strange lyrical styles, themes, and experimental genre-blending.

While you might not know him by name, we can guarantee you’ve seen the work he’s done for Adult Swim. Videos like Wishing AppleValentine’s Day is Not for the Lonely, SHOP: A Pop Opera, and Jack Stauber’s OPAL have received millions of views on YouTube and were major successes when they premiered.

Now, the Philadelphia-based artist has released a brand new (and rather creepy) video for the first time in over a year on his channel: Baby Son Adoring Us. It’s only 24 seconds long but it contains that weird and wacky flair that is pure Stauber. You can check it out above!

Fans were so excited to see Stauber back in action, even for such a short video, that he quickly began to trend on Twitter with fans going wild over the exciting news. Some of their reactions are downright priceless!

Look, we can understand the sentiment!

We can only hope this user has many more happy days in the future!

Of course, some were simply worried he might end up canceled like many others have been this year.

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