Watch: See Lord Voldemort Return In This Massive Storm

It looks like Harry Potter might not have quite got the job done after all! Fans of the series seem to have spotted him in a massive storm that took place in Turkey recently.

According to reports from Market Research Telecast, fans were dropping comments on Twitter in Turkish like “Lord Voldemort has returned”; “I will be in time for my letter to arrive at Hogwarts or I will have to experience Voldemort’s return as a filthy Muggle.”; and “Voldemort revived again. Do something, Mr. Harry Potter”

We’ve shared the video below, can you see He Who Must Not Be Named in the storm clouds? Or is it just the lingering outrage over J.K. Rowling’s recent alleged lawsuit?

The Harry Potter series is currently streaming on HBO Max for those who want to compare the face in the clouds to the real thing.