Watch: The incredible basketball shot by teacher Ms. Fitz that’s warming the internet’s heart


The internet is absolutely adoring one third-grade teacher’s incredible across-the-court basketball shot, which brought her nothing but net, instant internet fame, and winning a bet to buy all her students a round of hot cocoa.

The shot in question, originally posted on the Instagram page for Holy Trinity School in Washington, D.C., soon made the rounds on the internet via reposts on Twitter where Ms. Fitz — or Kathleen Fitzpatrick, to be more precise — was given her moment in the limelight. Check out the post for yourself right here.

Surely, there must be more going on here underneath the surface than your run-of-the-mill school teacher scoring big, out of the blue? Indeed, it turns out Fitzpatrick is actually a former Rutgers University basketball player, USA Today reported. And you better believe Fitzpatrick’s alma mater was quick to heap praise on their Scarlet Knight alumna.

We’re glad to see Fitzpatrick made the shot, rather than losing the bet and having no obligation to get her students a mug of hot cocoa as promised.

As one user pointed out, this is about the billionth reason we can think of to give teachers across the board an enormous raise.

It’s clear from that follow-through, Fitzpatrick has dabbed on plenty of would-be basketball opponents in the past, as one user pointed out.

Even comedian Adam Carolla had to give it up, calling Fitzpatrick is the Steph Curry of teachers.

And by the way, if you’re like Carolla and want to cover the kids’ next round of hot cocoa, the school stated on their Instagram post they do accept monetary donations to help aid kids’ financial aid and scholarship funds. The link to donate is right here.