What happened to comments on TikTok? Platform bug frustrate users

Image via TikTok

Can’t find your commewnts on TikTok? You aren’t alone. A systemwide bug on TikTok has users grinding their teeth in frustration over not being able to use the basic social function on the app. Although TikTok’s principal reason for existing is for users to share videos, there’s no denying that the social aspect of commenting on the videos and interacting directly with other users is what has made the platform such a smash success in the last few years.

Many users are bemoaning on social media that TikTok without comments seems a bit empty.

For many users, the comment section has been completely blank since yesterday. So far, there is little information about how many users have been affected by the bug, but fortunately, there seem to be a few things people can do to try and restore the function.

First, try closing the app out entirely and relaunching it. This appears to be a quick fix for some users. If comments still aren’t working after a restart, users should try logging out and back in. As a last resort, users can delete the app entirely and redownload it for a reinstall.

Another time-consuming option to correct the glitch is to clear the app’s cache. To do this, follow these five steps.

1. Open the Settings app. The app icon resembles a gear that is kept against a gray background.

2. On the Settings menu, scroll down to “Apps” and tap on that option.

3. When you’re on the Apps menu, select the “Tik Tok” app from the list of the apps on your device.

4. Once you click on the app, you’ll have to select the option on the screen that says “Storage.”

5. At the top of the storage screen, you’ll see the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.

6. Select each of those options, one by one.

And of course, it goes without saying that before you try any of these options, you should make a quick check and make sure your comments are actually turned on. And do remember that some creators will voluntarily disallow comments on their own videos.

Sadly, if none of the above options work, you may just have to wait until TikTok addresses the glitch with an update or patch. Barring that, users will just have to sit it out and enjoy the videos without sharing their thoughts on them.