What is CleanTok? Deep cleaning TikTok trend explained

CleanTok - TikTok trend
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We are coming to find that there are many corners to TikTok.

Horror fans can find a spooky and surreal home for themselves on HorrorTok, anime fans have plenty of family over on AnimeTok, and even witches can enjoy some like-minded content from their brethren on WitchTok.

TikTok has a place for any interest, including the odd and off-kilter ones. With all of its strangest and most bizzare corners considered, CleanTok — one of TikTok’s most popular ongoing trends — really doesn’t seem odd at all. It’s surprisingly comforting to watch a filthy space transform into something immaculate and scrubbed, and the creators in this unique TikTok arena are being thoroughly productive with their time. It’s nice to see.

Some people might find it immensely strange to enjoy watching another person clean, however, which is an entirely valid perspective. After all, if you want to see something tidied up, you probably have a mess of your own to tackle. You can easily live CleanTok in your everyday life, but isn’t that the joy of social media? To immerse ourselves in something, anything, just because we can?

Regardless of your precise thoughts on CleanTok, it is one of TikTok’s most popular and enduring trends. Videos on CleanTok take a lot of forms, from tidying simple messes to tackling utterly massive — and disgusting — projects.

There is a big ASMR draw to CleanTok as well, as creators silently scrub their way through whatever project they’ve chosen for the day. The sounds of cleaning solutions fizzing, lids twisting on, and brushes scraping along tile have become the tag’s official soundtrack, perfectly suited to the trend’s slightly obsessive but thoroughly satisfying vibe.

Some of the TikToks posted to the CleanTok tag are simple and straightforward, showing as people clean out their fridge or spiff up a workspace. They are appealing; pure, and uncomplicated in their presentation. Many are accompanied by music, while others lean into the trend’s ASMR ambiance.

Others are far more personal or heartfelt. People flock to watch user @headstonecleaner peruse graveyards for their filthiest headstones, only to leave them glistening and pristine in her wake.

People within specific cleaning professions also get to showcase their skills via the tag, providing an unexpected window into some very interesting jobs. It’s surprisingly fun to watch everyone from a pro cleaner to a pool boy showcase their skills.

Yep, those tiles are supposed to be blue.

You can also learn a lot from the videos posted to CleanTok. New solutions to your current grimy problem are sprinkled throughout videos posted with the tag, as are unique cleaning combos, stellar products, and pretty much anything else you can think of. You can even learn the best way to fold your clothes.

Or learn some useful new cleaning hacks.

There’s something for almost anyone on CleanTok, so long as you’re willing to plunge down the rabbit hole. Beware, however, this corner of TikTok is not for those with weak stomachs.

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