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10 most bizarre YouTube channels you need to see to believe

Following the steps of YouTube’s unpredictable algorithm.

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You did it again. After a wholesome hour on YouTube, you ventured far off into the bizarre part of the platform, where some of the most outrageous channels lie. The rabbit hole of wacky YouTube videos has taken a hold of the best of us, but believe it or not, some of these channels are actively sought out by some. Also, with YouTube’s ever changing algorithm, it doesn’t take much for some to find themselves watching some of the most kooky videos on the Internet.  

From extremely odd channels and hosts, to some of the uniquely scary ones, there’s no shortage of disturbing and crazy content on the YouTube. So whether to feed your curiosity, or to prepare yourself for the day the almighty algorithm sends you down the creepy hole, here is a compilation of 10 peculiar, outlandish, and offbeat channels on YouTube that you probably didn’t even imagine could exist. 

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

If there was ever a way to spook an innocent bystander, this absolutely insane and offbeat web series will do the trick. What starts off as a cutesy Sesame Street-like children’s show gradually descends into a horrifying mess of haunting, creepy madness. It’s been over a decade since the first video on Don’t Hug Me I’m Scraed was released and became a viral internet sensation, but the timelessness of this absolutely wacky and eccentric channel remains. 

Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

You know everyone has a secret affinity for the bizarre when this extremely weird channel has amassed over seven million subscribers and one billion views. Dr. Lee is a certified medical doctor and dermatologist who has popped quite a number of pimples on her Dr. Pimple Popper channel. Ultimately, there’s a lot of skin conditions she addresses and treats on the channel, but even her educational videos are definitely not a sight for sore eyes. 

Ask A Mortician

The description for this channel simply reads “You got death questions, we got death answers.” Ask A Mortician answers all the spooky, unique, and creepy death stories you were too afraid to ask your parents, and then some. From questions ranging from What happens to the body during cremation?”, to “What’s the worst way to die?”, and even “What happened to the dead bodies from the Titanic?”, resident Los Angeles mortician Caitlin Doughty answers all. 

Hydraulic Press Channel

This famous videos on Hydraulic Press Channel have made their way across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Every video involves everyday items being crushed by a hydraulic press. Some subscribers have claimed that the process is a satisfying one to watch, but there’s no denying this channel is quite weird and unusual. From watermelons, to books, to skittles, and even Barbie dolls, no item is safe from the overwhelming crushing weight of the famous press. 

Temponaut Timelapse

If you ever wondered what food looked like when fully decayed, then this channel might be your next stop. Featuring time lapses of foods decomposing, or being ravished by ants and maggots, Temponaut Timelapse is quite the unique channel, and offers something quite rare on YouTube. There are other interesting videos on the channel, like a time lapse of a wound healing, which is sure to feed the curiosity of many, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most odd channels out there. 


HowToBasic might be the reason many have trust issues. The videos always start out as a simple how-to guide on basic tasks like cooking meals, feeding a baby, and life hacks, but then suddenly spiral into utter chaos. No video is without the channel’s signature destructive ending, and with over 17 million subscribers to its name, it is a true indication of the world’s obsession with the bizarre. 

Benjamin Bennett

Benjamin Bennett has been live-streaming himself sitting and smiling and walking and talking for hours on end since 2014. Literally. He has numerous videos where he simply sits and smiles for at least four hours at a go, and when he’s not doing that, he records his surroundings while he walks and talks about a range of topics. It’s always going to be a mystery how he has raked up 30 million views and gathered over 300 thousand subscribers, but the fact remains that Mr. Bennett is a truly remarkable individual with a lot of free time on his hands. A lot. 

Kluna Tik

The person behind the Kluna Tik channel, Kluna, spends his time eating what is presented to be the most horrifying dishes ever, and for ASMR purposes. A hit on YouTube, this channel has earned a whopping 11 million subscribers on the main channel, and six million on its backup. There’s a warning before each video that viewers shouldn’t try it at home, but one can only wonder who would, especially when the videos range from eating sand, to munching on brains, and even sushi made out of play-doh. 

Memory Hole

When vintage home videos and genius editors mix, there’s no telling what could happen. What’s even more bizarre in the case of Memory Hole is that the brains behind the channel are horror enthusiasts who form the collective Everything Is Terrible! Some of the videos are terrifying and disturbing, while the rest are just plain odd. However, in true YouTube fashion, they’ve snagged a loyal following of interested subscribers who live for their unique, mysterious, and extremely out of the ordinary content. 

Weird Stuff

The name of the channel should already give a hint on what to expect, but a visit to Weird Stuff will leave any unsuspecting viewer speechless. With countless ridiculous videos dedicated to finding out if different types of junk food will flush down a toilet, it’s definitely right at home with the other bizarre channels on this list. If ever you’re wondering if 500 M&Ms will be able to travel down a toilet, or what it looks like when Diet Coke and mentos are poured down the toilet, be sure to visit this channel. 

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