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10 of the most popular weird and creepy YouTube channels

Be sure to keep the lights on while watching these videos!

YouTube has become home to some of the most unconventional videos and channels which, over the years, have satisfied some of the more curious viewers out there. These channels cater to true crime lovers, and fans of the supernatural, mysterious, and downright odd. 

Some channels have gained millions of subscribers who are dedicated to watching the next bizarre video that’s uploaded, and even though many may find it weird, others seem to love them!

Here are 10 of the most popular bizarre YouTube channels that have risen through the ranks and garnered a loyal following of millions. Some of these channels are extremely scary and dive into some very haunting stories, so be sure to hold on to your hats while you explore them.

Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

With over five million subscribers and almost two billion video views, this haunting channel digs deeper in an attempt to understand the world around us and focuses on unsolved mysteries, supernatural and paranormal occurrences, and the dark side of many notorious personalities throughout history. There are a lot of chilling stories on the channel and several conspiracies addressed, which make it the perfect destination for true crime lovers and those who love to venture into the world of the abnormal.


On the surface, this homely looking channel with 17 million subscribers is the ultimate HowTo destination. From cooking and baking, to personal grooming and other life hacks like how to properly wash your hands, or put on a condom, HowToBasic covers it all. But right around the middle mark of the video, it descends into a hilariously bizarre video full of destruction and chaos. Each video has a very disturbingly insane ending, and is one of the wackiest channels on YouTube. As one of the most liked comments on the platform reads: “I feel bad for whoever finds him and thinks he’s a normal cooking channel.” 


Weird, disturbing, and hallucinogenic, this YouTube channel by British animator Cyriak features endless loops of objects and animals. He clearly has a knack for wacky animation, because his channel has scored him two million subscribers and over 750 million views. He hasn’t posted in a while, but his views keep increasing, which means fans continue to enjoy being hypnotized by his eccentric animation styles. There’s really no narrative behind the videos on this channel; you either love it or you don’t, and clearly, a lot of people do.


While many popular channels dedicated to top ten lists mostly feature pop culture content, Alltime10s chooses to deliver some rather more bizarre rankings and listicles to its five million subscribers. With videos like “10 Creepy Celtic Myths”, “10 Most Terrifying Places in the Universe”, and “10 Common Nightmares Explained”, this is not the channel to binge watch while home alone at night. While there are some lighter videos on the channel, it’s still very easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of terrifying content on the channel and end up on a video that shows 10 scary real life events that happened on Halloween. Be sure to keep the lights on!


This channel is fronted by former Navy Seal John B. Allen, and with a dedicated following of over six million subscribers, is one of the most popular true crime channels on the platform. MrBallen uses a storytelling format to narrate different mysterious stories, and has garnered more than a billion views since he first joined YouTube in 2015. There’s a relatability that has made MrBallen a hit on the platform, even though he only started telling the stories two years ago. Despite his familiarity with some of the world’s most bizarre stories, each one still seems to get all of his attention, and he presents them masterfully.

David Firth

With just 99 videos spread across 15 years of posting on YouTube, David Firth’s channel is home to some incredibly strange videos. The standout on his channel is his hilarious creation, and its eponymous web series, Salad Fingers, which has gained a cult following over the years. The character went viral online and has been made into several memes. All episodes of the series are available on the channel. 


Covering conspiracy theories, paranormal activity and more, Chills is another YouTube channel that caters to the extremely weird. What makes the videos a lot more haunting is the narration behind them. The Canadian YouTuber behind Chills narrates the videos with a deadpan tone, dragging his words and evoking an unsettling mood. The channel has earned over five million subscribers and is very close to hitting the six million mark. 

Crypt TV

This channel’s description claims that scary stories “unite us and help us face our most powerful emotions.” With over three million subscribers and 500 million views, they may be on to something. Crypt TV tells unique monster stories and has even introduced their own short film series featuring recurring monsters and storylines. 

Corpse Husband 

While this channel recently adopted gaming content into its catalogue, its previous videos about scary stories still remain on the platform, and account for most of the seven million followers the channel has earned over the years. The channel has also built a loyal following of subscribers who usually contribute some of their personal, chilling stories to be told on the platform. 


This insane channel is filled with a variety of weird content. From personal haunting stories and stunts, to following some of the most chilling urban and ancient legends, the thumbnails of the videos on this channel are enough to offer an insight into what to expect. Videos are posted very frequently, ranging from a plethora of topics, and the channel has over two million subscribers.  This is definitely a channel to binge during the day, or at least with a group of friends.

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