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10 unique, must-watch YouTube channels

Gaming, animation, comedy, and the supernatural.

Brandon Rogers YouTuber
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YouTube’s popularity has grown to extreme heights since its conception in 2005. There are channels with millions of subscribers and videos with billions of views. While a large amount of content can lead to many entertaining YouTube binge sessions, it’s also a double-edged sword, as the sheer number of YouTubers and YouTube videos can seem overwhelming.

So if you’re looking to add more YouTubers to your roster, look no further. Here are 10 unique YouTube channels from gaming to comedy to the supernatural.

Benito Skinner

Benito Skinner, aka Benny Drama, is an actor and videographer in Brooklyn, New York, who fills his channel with hilarious sketches and parodies. Each skit has original characters, and his work is deeply rooted in pop culture and celebrity drama. He loves making content involving the Kardashians and zodiac signs, and his 312K subscribers love to watch.


Austin Hargrave, or PeanutButterGamer (PBG), is a YouTuber who posts content including gaming videos, top 10 lists, reviews, and more. He plays a variety of different types of games, and his videos mainly consist of comedic commentary filled with random effects and high-quality editing. With over 471 million views, he has many well-loved series, such as “G-Files”, in which he talks about weird video games and weird things found in video games, and “Zelda Month”, during which he uploads only Zelda-related content during November.


Known on YouTube as Jackfilms, Jack Douglass is a YouTuber known for satirical videos, parodies, music videos, and sketches. He constantly posts quality content, including memes, current trends, and his viewers’ responses.

Douglass has a solid fanbase with almost 5 million subscribers, and he interacts with them more intimately than many other YouTubers. And with a catchphrase like “Help me make fun of everything,” you know it’ll be a comical, cheeky time.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

Buzzfeed Unsolved Network covers mystery, conspiracies, true crime, the supernatural, and everything in between. Its most notable series include “Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural” and “Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime”, in which two hosts attempt to explain unsolved true-crime mysteries and prove that the paranormal exists. It’s an educational and entertaining series in documentary form created, produced, and hosted by Ryan Bergara, the supernatural believer, and co-hosted by Shane Madej, the sarcastic skeptic.

Although the series Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural and Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime have concluded, the channel still produces related videos and creates quality content.


Looper prides itself on being the “go-to source for the movies, TV shows, and video games we all love.” The channel is dedicated to posting opinion and informational videos about the arts and entertainment. Within the videos, a narrator with a pleasing, chipper voice reveals Easter eggs and secrets in movies, exposes movie mistakes, and emphasizes the top deleted movie scenes.

The channel has almost 6 million subscribers and covers anything from superhero movies to Star Wars to reality television.

Brandon Rogers

This YouTube channel has been dubbed “YouTube’s little corner of trash” by its creator Brandon Rogers, a comedian, actor, and director. Rogers is best known for his satirical skits in which he impersonates different characters such as Hall Monitor Helen, a blind fashion designer named Jürgen Klausvonschwitz, and ruthless CEO Bryce Tankthrust, to hilarious comedic effect. He mainly posts sketches and episodes for various series such as “Blame the Hero”, “Blood and Makeup”, and “Normal British Series”. He often goes in public dressed up as his characters and then acts out their crazy antics, causing him to be thrown out of some establishments.


Adande Thorne, aka Swoozie, is an actor, scriptwriter, producer, director, and animator, YouTube personality, and gamer who boasts almost 8 million subscribers on YouTube. After joining in 2006, he focused most of his content on his travels, which later evolved into giving advice and story times. In his videos, he talks about his crazy love life, the humorous happenings of his job at Disney World, and advice that all his fans can benefit from.

Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading dubs footage of television shows, movies, political debates, music videos, etc., with a new soundtrack of hilarious interpretations of people’s speech. The first video released by Bad Lip Reading was a spoof of Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” titled “Gang Fight,” in which she appears to be singing about gang violence. Following this, the account has released more videos of NFL games, High School Musical, and The Walking Dead.

The account has over 8 million subscribers and is run by an anonymous producer. It has won multiple awards for its comedic videos and has even been praised by Michael Bublé after the spoofing of his song “Haven’t Met You Yet” into the electronica-inspired “Russian Unicorn” song.


Created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, CinemaSins’ purpose is to expose “sins” in movies such as plot holes, ridiculous science, or nitpicky observations. According to Scott and Atkinson, “No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.” The videos in the channel’s main series, “Everything Wrong With”, consist of a run-through of movie scenes in which the sins are accompanied by sarcastic commentary. Of the hundreds of videos uploaded, the most popular include Fifty Shades of Grey, Frozen, and 2012.

The account has over 9 million subscribers and releases new videos every Tuesday and Thursday.

How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) was started by Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson after they started discussing alternate endings for movies they had watched. In 2005, they released their first video, “How Star Wars Should Have Ended,” and now have over 10 million YouTube subscribers.

The videos consist of animated parody alternate endings to films, the most popular having to do with Avengers: Infinity War, Toy Story 3, and Jurassic World

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