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Best Educational YouTube Channels

Ancient Egypt or algebra? Mix entertainment and knowledge with the best educational YouTube channels.

With a constant increase of content creators on YouTube, it becomes progressively more difficult to figure out where to search when it comes to the educational side of YouTube. If one is looking to idle time away online, you might as well add a learning intent to it. Thus, to help those wishing to learn something new, here are the best educational YouTube channels. 

Mark Rober 

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober makes fun, science-related videos for any age group, alternating between science experiments, DIY tutorials, and his newest inventions. On Mark’s YouTube channel, one can also find live streams, which he calls his “Life Science Classes,” where he answers unique, funny, yet very valid science questions.


Posting weekly videos, CrashCourse is a YouTube channel that has a plethora of videos on different subjects. Covering over 42 courses, including psychology, theatre, literature, biology, chemistry, and many others, everyone can learn a little more with the specialists that are brought on to the channel. 


From biology to physics, to languages and human behavior, Vsauce is a YouTuber who makes videos on various topics. Created by Michael Stevens in 2010, this channel aims to encompass a mass variety of educational videos aiming to elucidate the viewers on general discussions and help those with a yearning for knowledge.

The Organic Chemistry Tutor

As the name suggests, this YouTube channel focuses on chemistry, but one will also find themes like mathematics, calculus, and physics. Aiming to provide tutorials and explanations on these subjects, Julio Gonzales’ videos help not only students in need of extra tutoring, but also those who just wish to become more acquainted with these subjects.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Known for its adorable and colorful animated videos, Kurzgesagt encompasses everything science. With everything organized on the playlists, from medicine and biology to the universe, this channel provides a fun and creative way of educating everyone watching its videos, plus it has a few channels in different languages, allowing non-English speakers to easily access their educational content.

Colin and Samir

For anyone looking into content creation and the economy surrounding it, the Colin and Samir YouTube channel is the way to go. They explain interviewing and discussing all the pros and cons of content creation, and how to obtain a proper remuneration out of it. The creators invited on the channel also go in-depth explaining how to ensure growth online, as well as going over several business strategies.


With a great focus on history and geography, Vox is a well-known YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers. Their infographic-animated videos are perfect for learning while still having fun. Lately, the channel has had a strong focus on Russian and Ukranian history and geography, educating all who desire a greater understanding of what led to the conflict currently raging there.

Lessons From the Screenplay

Suitable for every cinema aficionado interested in learning how to dissect movies and how screenplay writing works, Lessons From the Screenplay is the perfect YouTube channel for exactly that. This channel aims to educate everyone on the best techniques to improve screenwriting and storytelling.

Considering the number of creators online, it may seem as if an overwhelming amount of information is available and it can be difficult to narrow it down to exactly what we aim to find. However, knowledge is never enough — all of these YouTube channels will ultimately allow anyone to learn a thing or two about their topics of choice.

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