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Movie bloopers are a heck of a thing, lifting the veil from filmmaking to reveal what goes on behind the scenes. Bloopers give fans a chance to see which scenes from their favorite flicks were too hard for the actors to get through without cracking a smile, because even professional performers slip up from time to time, and we just can’t get enough.

These moments of comedic weakness from actors humanize them in a way that even the finished product can’t, and allow audiences to laugh along. Funny is as funny does, and laughing with each other is about as hilarious as things get. 

For decades bloopers or outtakes have been recorded and added to the released movie in what’s called a “Blooper Reel.” As the name would suggest, the assorted footage is a supercut of a movie’s funniest missteps. Yet, for a long time these could only be seen during the credits or as a DVD extra. That’s where Youtube comes in.

Over the years, movie buffs around the world have been kind enough to put together countless compilations of bloopers for entertainment on the internet. These collections cover about every genre of film you could imagine, and span decades worth of silver screen hilarity. 

As far as the “funniest” bloopers to watch on Youtube, we’ll leave that up to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and who are we to tell you what’s funny. Especially when it comes down to unusable moments from iconic films over the years, however funny they may be. Instead, here are a few in-depth blooper reels on YouTube that cover movie and pop culture moments that are bound to make you break character. 

To start, here’s a look at 50 incredible movie bloopers from over the years. Each is timestamped, and marked by the year of the film’s release. With over 29 million views, this particular video is a must watch.

If you’re looking for more specific pieces of cinematic comedy, below are a few different films that are known far and wide to have legendary blooper reels. Take a look.

It seems the king of comedic breaks is none other than Saturday Night Live icon Will Ferrell. His films never cease to be included in lists and videos of some of the best bloopers in Hollywood. Two of his other movies Anchorman 2 and Step Brothers also have outtakes you have to see to believe.

Getting a little more old school, the Mel Brooks classic Young Frankenstein has some devilishly funny bloopers, which is surprising considering the film’s leading man, Gene Wilder, was known to be incredibly professional on set. For whatever reason, he couldn’t keep himself together during the shoot, allowing audiences to see an entirely different side to the legendary comedian. 

The 2011 comedy Bridesmaids took the world by storm with an ensemble cast of comedians seldom seen in movies. The women involved with the project went on to generate some of the most classic blooper material currently out there. 

Movie bloopers aren’t the only thing that can be found on YouTube. TV and news shows have also had some incredible outtakes over the years, and those can just as easily be found on there.

Television’s longest-running live-action sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is a goldmine of blooper reels. Youtube is full of outtakes from the show, with each season having an extensive blooper reel. 

Stepping away from movies and celebrities for a moment, here’s a look at some of the best bloopers from live television and news. Watching regular people have a laugh never gets old, and can create a YouTube wormhole that has the potential to take up hours of time. Watch at your own risk. 

There it is, some of the funniest bloopers to watch on YouTube. Hopefully along the way there were some laughs and the discovery of a newfound appreciation for the strength it takes to get through some of these comedic moments. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

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