Shane Dawson Returns To YouTube After Getting Cancelled And Gets Utterly Roasted

Shane Dawson once had a prominent YouTube career. He started making videos when he was 19 back in 2008 and had gotten over half a billion views just two years later. He wrote two books, had over 20 million subscribers, and was the talk of the town. That is, until previous remarks he had made resurfaced online.

In a video called Taking Accountability, Dawson addressed many of these concerns including his use of the N-word, him making sexual gestures at a promotional posture of Willow Smith (who was 11 at the time), and jokes he made about the time he “came all over his cat.”

All of this lead to YouTube demonetizing all of his channels which lead to him not posting another video since his apology video back in June 2020. Now he’s made a surprise return, uploading a forty-minute video titled The Haunting of Shane Dawson with a general horror film vibe.

The video features full links to his merch store and more, signally a potential full-blown return for the YouTuber. Of course, many across the internet didn’t take kindly to the news and began to throw out their most clever barbs.

Of course Squid Game got a reference with its recent popularity.

Hey, what did Super Nanny do to deserve bring brought into this?

Quite a few also mentioned how obvious it was that not many people wanted to see him back and that others wouldn’t let his return come some easily.

Will you be watching Shane Dawson’s newest video or are you with most of the internet ready to roast the YouTube star?