The best YouTube channels for adults

YouTube is an entertaining pastime for some and an informative resource for others. Thanks to this found art, viewers have an unprecedented opportunity to see the content of creators from all over the globe, get to know them, and also grow alongside them. The subject matter is as varied as the creators themselves.

No longer subject to standards and practices, time constraints, or pleasing advertisers, entertainers have the right and the ability to share their skills with us, make us laugh, and open up their homes to us. The level of their success is in our hands, and they invite us to give them a “thumbs up!”

Here are some channels for adults that you may not have heard of before but that are definitely worth your time.

Dan Sheekoz

On Dan Sheekoz’s YouTube channel, fans (known as “adorables”) have watched Russian couple Dan and Suzy build their own house, have a baby (Sati), and most recently, get COVID-19. In his first video three years ago, Dan shared with us his desire to learn English. He gave us a tour of his apartment and showed us a list of his monthly expenses. Through broken English, he made us fall in love with him. He and Suzy are VERY funny, always laughing and making up songs. We’ve watched their English improve and have been entertained by Dan’s big heart. When the couple goes shopping, we learn that Dan is very frugal and practical. They are quite concerned with eating healthy and not being materialistic, something many of us can relate to. Watching his channel, we can see hope for humanity and perhaps learn the value of being more mindful and esoteric.

Tangerine Travels

The couple on Tangerine Travels, Maddie and Jordan, packed up their little orange Prius (hence, Tangerine Travels), with all of their belongings and moved to Mexico. They travel all around Mexico with their dog Liska, renting apartments and polishing up their Spanish-speaking skills. The channel is extremely informative regarding Mexican customs, safely traveling in Mexico, currency conversion, receiving health care, and easily avoidable pitfalls. But the couple is also very entertaining as well. They’ve been open about personal health concerns and relationship issues. Recently they broke up but continue to make videos together. They do make it back to the U.S. as often as possible and their series on traveling in Las Vegas is a MUST for anyone thinking of visiting Sin City.

Lone Fox

Lone Fox, aka Drew, started his channel three years ago. Topics include decorating, crafting, IKEA hacks, and whole-room makeovers. Drew’s cheerful outlook and excitement will inspire you to try new colors or a new design scheme in your home. Many of his tips are renter-friendly, so you can add things or even completely transform your apartment without losing your deposit or breaking the bank.

Kiana Docherty

Kiana Docherty makes long-form commentary videos exposing some of the more pervasive methods used by media to muddy the waters in the area of weight loss and health. Kiana used to be overweight and is open about her own bad habits and the difficulty of breaking them and transforming her life. Over the past two years, she has produced videos that go in depth on the mind-body connection and the science behind overeating and its causes.

Mark Manson

Mark Manson, bestselling author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,” started posting videos to this channel four years ago sharing life advice and sometimes even a chapter from his book. His no-nonsense attitude and at times irreverent point of view make for a thought-provoking channel and perhaps an eye-opener for some.

Tokidoki Traveler

The Tokidoki Traveller has been sharing videos for the past seven years about her life in Japan. The Australian-born Emma moved to Tokyo in 2016 and her 319,000 subscribers have followed her through her apartment jumping and navigating the tourist-turned-citizen lifestyle of Japan. Her adventures are often scenic and fascinating, sometimes gross (as in the hummus debacle of Sept. 2020), and always fun to watch. If you like cooking videos, check out her “Kitchen Chats!”

FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

Bobby Parrish started posting videos eight years ago and some of the things he’s passionate about are healthy living and finding the best organic healthy food at the best price. On his channel, he shows us where to go to buy the best food that helps you stay within your budget. Organic does not necessarily equal expensive. He also shares recipes and really goes into great depth when explaining how all ingredients are not created equal, and why.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender features husband-and-wife team Daniel and Kelli. They have been posting videos for 11 years and offer workout routines for any skill level including instruction on a single exercise move. Their viewers can expect to find anything from pilates and yoga to weight training and bodyweight training (hence the name Fitness Blender). The idea is that doing the same thing over and over again gets boring, so you’ll want blend it up if you want to shape up!

The Take

The Take has been offering deep-dive analyses of movies and TV shows for the past five years. Offering a different perspective or criticism of something you watched and enjoyed to broaden your perspective and open your mind, the team at The Take doesn’t shy away from some of the more obscure and, at times, subversive concepts plaguing American films and TV of the past seven decades.

Pro Home Cooks

Mike G. at Pro Home Cooks started the channel with his brother, Josh, eight years ago. Two years ago, however, he made the decision to go solo. The channel focuses on showing us how to make the foods we love, and maybe even show us a recipe we’ve never tried before, in an entertaining and informative way. The sandwich series is not to be missed. If you decide to check out Pro Home Cooks, we guarantee that it will become your new obsession.

Dr. Todd Grande

Dr. Todd Grande has been teaching us about spotting narcissism and psychopathy, understanding mental health and personality traits, and discussing true crime for the past seven years. He has a dry sense of humor and never fails to bring a fresh perspective to these topics. This is one that you don’t have to sit and watch, you can set it to play and just listen while doing other things. Browsing through his topics, one’s interest is sure to be piqued.


Tiffany Ferg’s 753,000 subscribers have literally watched her grow up. She’s been uploading for 10 years now, and we’ve watched her go to college to study media and graduate. Her main series is “Internet Analysis,” which covers YouTuber epidemics such as family vloggers, influencers, YouTubers promoting products, and vegan videos, as well as other internet phenomena, all with a keen eye and a healthy bit of cynicism. Her skeptical analyses of internet content and media are worth a watch to anyone seeking to understand trends in social behaviors.