These awesome yoga channels on YouTube will help you find your center

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Are you ready to find your center?

Yoga is known for being one of the most life-changing forms of exercise. It helps you find your zen after a stressful day of work or school. No one enjoys feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and the daily stresses of life, which is why yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise out there. A number of benefits come along with practicing yoga, particularly as users become more skilled in its more complex movements.

Yoga helps improve strength, flexibility, and balance while also enhancing heart health, and it creates a natural sense of relaxation and peacefulness within the human body. People are likely to get better sleep after spending some time enjoying a yoga session, and yoga can even help ease arthritis symptoms, back pain, and other physical issues. Since there are so many plus sides to learning about the inner workings of yoga, it makes sense to determine which yoga-centric YouTube channels are the best.

Yoga with Adrienne

International yoga teacher Adriene Mishler is multitalented. On top of her skill teaching yoga, the 37-year-old is also an actress, writer, and scientific savant residing in Austin, Texas. Her wide range of videos make it easy for people of all skill levels to follow along with her content. Even if you’re brand new to the world of yoga, nothing she posts will feel overwhelming or scary. Her videos cover a wide range of topics outside of yoga, as well, covering everything from cramps to vertigo and gut health.

Yoga by Candace

Not everyone has time for lengthy daily yoga sessions, which makes Yoga by Candace an excellent option. She offers 15-minute yoga sessions that can be tackled by nearly anyone, even the busiest among us. Her channel is perfect for beginners who don’t know much about yoga, as she provides clear step-by-step instructions for each new move. Her easygoing YouTube channel explores postural awareness, the best yoga to do for proper digestion, and how to de-stress the mind. Using “yoga as therapy” is one of her biggest selling points. Since launching her YouTube channel, Candace has found additional success as a best-selling author.


Psychtruth is an excellent YouTube channel, as proven by its more than 3.98 million subscribers. Instead of orienting around a single yoga instructor for every single video, this channel features insight from a number of different individuals with backgrounds in fitness, health, and positivity. This YouTube channel provides doctors, health coaches, and yoga instructors with a method through which to share their knowledge with millions of viewers. Their overall goal is to maintain a high vibrational space for subscribers.

Aham Yoga

For people curious about yoga from an instructor’s perspective, consider Aham Yoga. The videos posted to this channel are thought-provoking and well presented. One video informs viewers “How to become a yoga teacher,” while another educates them on “Five questions you must ask before signing up for yoga teacher training.” People who have an interest in becoming yoga instructors, in particular, will find this channel interesting.


Tara Stiles is an incredible yoga instructor whose YouTube channel helps immensely in showcasing her skills and knowledge. Her inclusive and straightforward approach to meditation and yoga help her stand apart from the competition, and, for students and employees feeling excessive stress in their daily lives, watching a yoga video by Stiles could be life-changing.


Users feeling a bit of apprehension about starting their yoga journey might find a perfect home on Sean Vigue’s yoga-centric YouTube channel. His fitness channel helps viewers to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, all while enhancing their yoga skills. He even offers a 30-day beginner training program on his page, and his videos offer 10-minute sequences for people who don’t have the time to dedicate hours to their daily fitness routine. Videos on his channel also focus on more than just yoga, with some emphasizing the shoulders, arms, and abs.

Yoga with Kassandra

One of the most relaxing yoga channels on YouTube can be found in Yoga with Kassandra. Her content is determinedly focused around helping her viewers feel as zen and calm as possible. On top of guiding her viewers through excellent yoga moves aimed at enhancing flexibility and endurance, Kassandra also posts morning affirmation videos that help people feel emotionally prepared for the upcoming day.

Yogi approved

YouTube channel Yogi Approved brings so much to the table. Not only do the videos on this channel give people insight into yoga moves that can help them become stronger, leaner, and more flexible, but this channel also covers wellness, dieting, and the best lifestyle products on the market. If you’re looking for honest reviews of yoga mats, exercise wear, meditation cushions, and other fitness items, this channel may be absolutely perfect for you. The candid opinions provided in these YouTube videos feel like a conversation with a close, and trusted, friend.


With over 1.44 million subscribers on YouTube so far, Sara Beth obviously knows her stuff. Her videos cover a broad range of topics, with one even promising yoga options for “bloating, digestion, ulcerative colitis, IBD, and IBS.” In the channel description, SaraBethYoga boasts that her goal is to help people find relief through 12 minutes of mild movement. Her channel offers several different playlists, which range from daily challenges to honest yoga tips that many people have likely never come across.

The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute currently has over 1.78 million subscribers on YouTube. The channel features heaps of information about improving internal health with the help of yoga. The institute itself was founded in 1918, but the YouTube channel lagged a bit behind, establishing itself on the platform in 2013. One of the biggest focuses on the channel regards detoxing of the intestines in hopes of accomplishing the best possible digestive health. The channel focuses on the fact that good digestive health helps with physical and mental well-being, and shares the best yoga poses to help with this, and similar, issues.

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