What Is Brandon Farris’ Net Worth?

Brandon Ferris net worth
Photo via ImBrandonFerris/YouTube

“Social media influencer” has become the new career to aspire toward, promoted by apps like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. These apps have helped a number of up-and-coming stars break into the mainstream, expanding their reach and transforming their online presence from hobby into legitimate career. Brandon Farris, an American YouTuber, is among those who have managed to carve out a living for themselves solely through the followings they have built up online.

Farris first launched his YouTube channel, aptly named ImBrandonFarris, in 2013, but his career on YouTube didn’t truly begin for years after his first upload hit the platform. Still, all those years of experience have done the young influencer good. His videos, the first of which only got view counts between 10,000 and 20,000, have ballooned, with some of his most recent uploads gaining more than 3 million views within days. 

In total, this YouTuber’s videos have collected a whopping view count of more than 803 billion, with some of his most popular videos reaching upwards of 9 million individual views. His typical video fare sees Farris leaning into his comedic talent by poking fun at other YouTube channels, attempting truly terrible life hacks, and generally being a big-bearded goof.

Over the last few years in particular, Farris’ star has risen high enough for him to be considered a robust YouTube creator. His vlogs, silly challenges, and popular “Google Translates” series have paid off for him in the form of YouTube ad revenue, sponsors, and partnerships. He typically uploads at least one video a week, but some weeks see him uploading up to three or four, giving his followers even more content to love. He has also channeled his success into an online store, where he sells branded hoodies, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and even aprons.

On YouTube alone, Farris has amassed more than 3.56 million subscribers. He also has popular Instagram and Facebook pages, which, between them, boast upwards of 5.6 million additional followers. All this popularity has paid off in the form of YouTube earnings, which see Farris take home $6,500 a day, according to estimations from Nail Buzz. This gives him an estimated net worth of more than $3.5 million, though between earnings from his online store and other viral pages, it is likely much higher in actuality. Some of his YouTube videos are also posted to Farris’ Facebook page, where they rack up additional views, likes, and comments from his eager fanbase.

Regardless of the exact numbers, this YouTuber is absolutely thriving online.