What Is Coryxkenshin’s Net Worth?

CoryxKenshin net worth
Photo via CoryxKenshin/YouTube

There is a lot of competition for gaming streamers hoping to get a start on YouTube. Numerous mega-popular creators, like Ninja and Pokimane, have managed to amass enormous followings on the video-sharing app, but the field is largely dominated by these and other well-known names. The rare video game streamer to break into the mainstream despite the general monopoly held by the field’s biggest names have their work cut out for them, and often find themselves faced with an uphill battle.

A few creators have managed the task despite the numerous hurdles in their way. Cory DeVante Williams, better known by his online handle CoryxKenshin, is one such creator. He’s managed to carve out a solid following in the ever-expanding field of video game streaming, and earns a robust paycheck for his efforts. 

It’s not overly surprising that CoryxKenshin has managed as well as he has. The streamer has been working hard since his YouTube channel launched in April of 2009. Over the last decade, CoryxKenshin has built up a subscriber base of more than 11 million people. His videos, many of which feature the 28-year-old streamer playing games, poking fun at pop culture, or sharing spooky content, have collected more than 4.5 billion views over the years. His page typically sees new uploads every few days, a task that keeps the young streamer busy.

A typical video on CoryxKenshin’s page gets a view count in the low-to-mid millions. With so many views⏤Net Worth Spot assumes the streamer gets a minimum of 54.6 million views a month⏤he makes a solid living off of YouTube ad revenue alone.

CoryxKenshin’s annual income has been on the rise thanks to the consistent monthly views his channel gets. Those millions of views translate to an income of around $218,000 per month, based on estimations from Net Worth Spot. This would translate to an annual income of around $3.28 million.

These annual returns have boosted CoryxKenshin’s net worth considerably. Based on his YouTube ad revenue alone, Net Worth Spot estimates that CoryxKenshin’s overall net worth clocks in around $13.1 million. This, along with the assumed monthly income, doesn’t factor in several additional revenue streams, however. CoryxKenshin has an online store, which sells themed attire, phone cases, and jewelry, and additionally has the potential for future partnerships and sponsors.

These additional money-making ventures likely boost CoryxKenshin’s annual earnings and net worth to the higher end of the spectrum. Between everything, the popular streamer likely makes closer to $5.9 million a year, which would bring his overall net worth up to a whopping $18.35 million.