What Is Dhar Mann’s Net Worth?

Dhar Mann net worth
Photo via dhar.mann/Instagram

Many online content creators get their start in the same way: as young people, making and uploading content with no real plan for what it will lead to. These creators usually see their careers grow out of nowhere, after they discover a knack for editing, comedy, or commentary.

Unlike many of his fellow YouTube creators, Dhar Mann always intended for his YouTube uploads to become a long-term career. The entrepreneur and former real estate mogul hasn’t been on the site for long, but his well-planned approach and reliable upload schedule keep new subscribers flooding in. 

Mann got his start in entrepreneurship quite early. His first few ventures saw the young professional pursuing numerous companies across fields, including an attempted cannabis-growing hydroponics retailer and a mortgage refinancing business. After numerous failed attempts, a lawsuit or two, and a short stint of probation, Mann turned his eye toward creating content on YouTube.

He officially launched his channel, Dhar Mann, in 2018. Despite the short life-span his page has experienced, it has collected a surprisingly robust following. The page currently boasts more than 12.6 million subscribers, and a typical upload gets between 5,000 and 13,000 views. Some of the most popular boast more than 25,000. In total, the page’s numerous uploads have collected more than 5.4 billion views in the three years its been up and running.

Mann’s content is primarily composed of skits making fun of attention-grabbing controversies in pop culture. His uploads are persistently popular, which the creator has translated into monetary returns. His page averages around 300,000 monthly views, which Mann turns into a solid monthly income. Through the money he makes off of ads connected to his YouTube videos, Mann brings home around $1.2 million monthly. Annually, his income clocks in around $18.05 million, according to estimates from Net Worth Spot.

These estimations fail to include any of Mann’s other money-making ventures, however, of which there are many. His former career in real estate likely still nets him at least a modest monthly income, as does his online store, which sells everything from backpacks to hats, hoodies, and tees. This makes it likely that Mann actually brings in closer to Net Worth Spot’s higher estimate of $32.5 million a year.

Due to his impressive annual earnings, his overall net worth is quite high. Net Worth Spot estimates that the 37-year-old is worth a minimum of $72.21 million, but with all of his career ventures included, his actual net worth is likely over $100 million.