American Pie 5 Cooking At Universal

%name American Pie 5 Cooking At Universal

It looks like the nostalgia of American Reunion was more infectious than many may have deduced, as according to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has secured Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (the writing/directing of April’s four-quel) for American Pie 5.

Like Scream 4 and the soon-to-be-released Scary Movie 5, long-overdue sequels to dredged-up properties have the propensity to see dwindling box office returns. Unsurprisingly, such was the case with American Reunion – domestically at least.

Worldwide, the return of Jim, Oz and Stifler amassed a huge $233.6 million, which was right on par with the gross of the series in its heyday, and a nearly-five-fold return on investment (facts the studio was unlikely to overlook).

Even more important (for viewers at least) was that American Reunion was actually a reasonably strong return for the decade-old series and was well received by original fans and new generations (even if the critical consensus was less than glowing). What remains to be seen is if there is more of a story to tell with these characters now that that the novelty of their return has begun to wear off.

Upon what adventures the high school buds would embark in American Pie 5 are practically non-existent, as Hurwitz and Schlossberg have just been courted by Universal to return for a fifth outing. Also unknown is if the entire principle cast will again return but when examining the commitments of anyone whose names aren’t Seann William Scott and Alyson Hannigan, it seems likely if the paycheque is right.

Hurwitz and Schlossberg are also the writing duo behind the three “Harold and Kumar” films (as well as directorial for the last two), so their comedic credentials are consistently strong (if gross-out, stoner humour is your thing). So what will it be for American Pie 5? “American Vacation?” “American Christmas?” “Jim and Stifler: Escape From Guantanamo Bay?”

Whatever the story, are you excited for another slice of the pie?

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  • mitaka

    American Pie 5? “American Vacation is cool idea but i need to look more slice wich original cast !!!

  • Ivon Wuchina

    Hell yes Am. Reunion was amazing

  • jake23r

    Yes, just wish they would release the next one in August and not in April.

    • guest 675

      Have a minor character die and then you have “American Funeral”

  • Owlmann

    Can we please have some original ideas, Universal? PLEASE?
    It is too much to ask?

  • vigilante 8193

    For the reunion to do so well at the box office THE FANS DEMAND ANOTHE SLICE! reunion was funny as hell as all the rest it truly is one of the greatest set of movies ever! But if the whole cast cant do it dont bother cause it just wont seem right american wedding was good although it was missing something the main characters! Anyway i agree MAKE IT HAPPEN AMERICAN PIE 5 ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Martin

    Hell yes, it could more slice of American Pie and to the next step….

  • BCrosby

    This is the stupidest thing ever. American Pie 1 & 2 were good, Wedding was ‘meh’, Reunion was awesome. But it was made 13 years later. Right around the time when everyone who grew up with the originals were having or just had their High School Reunions. This movie was nothing more than a look back on your glory days. To make a 5th movie would beat a horse to death and I doubt it would do very good. And like the Band Camp movies will fade into obscurity. UNIVERSAL – Leave it alone. It was good, don’t kill it.

    • Atit Anish Patel

      I agree with you :)

    • Bradley Davis

      your a fucking idiot

  • heavyrain724

    Dis news nearly made me bloody cry lol . If this is true I cant wait. American Pie is one of my funniest childhood movies Reunion was great I want another slice.

  • Lovecelebrities.

    they should make an American Pie 5, if Jason Biggs gets fired from Nickelodeon, then they could just hopefully have him make a 5th pie film. this one should be a american pie christmas film.

  • jay

    America wedding 2 Jim’s dad and steve gets married n a double wedding

  • Milo

    Jim’s dad and Stifler’s Mom!

  • Guilherme Lira

    I like LA Confidential, Science of the Lambs, the Godfather series, Terminator, Brazil, The Big Lebowski, Bandwagon, and the American Pie series. American Reunion is the best thing of 2012.

  • kev

    Bring it on hope it happens can’t wait f@~kers haha stiffler baby

  • jimbob30

    cant wait need more american pie they are the best comedies ever not seen anything as funny scince and welcome a 5th entry into the lives of all the characters again

  • Jimbo

    Looking forward to seeing the VF Commodore next year

    • Bogan Hater

      Really fucking relevant to the thread you bogan fuckwit

  • Mandar

    Maybe Jim’s Dad and Stiffler’s Mom get married with each other and Jim and Stiffler who somehow have to manage to be part of one family and this ensues in some hilarious comedy.

  • Steve

    I think it should be about Jim’s Dad marrying Stifler’s Mom and Jim being pissed about being part of Stifler’s family, its good because you keep stifler whos the fan favourite and Jim whos the main character.

  • Jizm

    Fuck Yeah Baby
    Every cent worth for my movie ticket <33

  • Simon

    Yeah it deffo needs to happen just hope the sherminator and some of the others get a bigger roll then they did in reunion but part from that reunion was class having the old group back was class bring on american pie 5 cant wait

  • junior89

    american wedding 2 jims dad and stiflers mom

  • Heather Linae Schmidt

    Reunion was the best!! The music and nostalgia brought me back to senior year! Love the ending with Jim’s dad and Stifler’s mom :)

  • Haider

    yes we are exited to see another American pie what will be the story we need jim,stifler,oz,finch,kev in the movie becoz this guys are awesome together and we like American reunion also n stifler u r awesome comedian n make the American pie next part becoz we love this movie very much n we want so plz make it.

  • Aaron Botizan

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i want so much more pie, the day they stop doing this movie series is the day i cry. seriously can’t wait for slice number 5

  • David Arce

    Jim’s Dad an Stifler’s Mom will be the best or American Vacasion to?

  • Zakk Bates

    American Vacation is what it should be called if it does get released.. strong hopes.