Batman Characters Who Could Have Used A Christopher Nolan Reboot

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No movie has been as highly anticipated and hyped up as The Dark Knight Rises has been. Let’s be honest, everybody and their grandmothers are excited for this film, and for good reason. Christopher Nolan has done an exceptional job with the Batman series, turning it into a gritty, superhero epic that had never been matched before.

Nobody could be more excited about this series as I am, and I’m completely happy with how things have turned out. But, looking back, I can’t help but to wonder how Nolan would have handled other characters, especially given how grim many of them are. Of course, I’m not talking about characters such as Calendar Man or Clayface, but deeper, more interesting characters. Yes, the series thus far has excelled beyond my wildest dreams of what Batman can be, but I still want to look back and see what could have been if Nolan would have integrated other characters into his films.

These reflections aren’t meant to be corrections of the films. It’s more like a “what if” scenario with Nolan bringing some of the B-string lineup off of the benches to see some action. Think of these scenarios as B-sides to the already spectacular series.

Mr. Freeze

batman arkham city mr freeze1 Batman Characters Who Could Have Used A Christopher Nolan Reboot

This is the face of shame…and of California.

Now, I know that when I say this, many of you will groan and remember Joel Schumacher‘s terrible, awful, worthless Batman & Robin, replete with terrible puns about ice and just overall badness. But hear me out about this, a character as intriguing as Mr. Freeze can’t be held down forever. Nolan would be able to do great things with the villain’s back story, which could be portrayed as a heartbreaking emotional tale.

The general story involves Freeze’s wife, Nora, developing a degenerative disease that is slowly killing her, causing Freeze to…well, freeze her as he tries to develop a cure. Somehow, he turns into the villain he is now, whether it’s through a failed experiment or falling into some chemicals.

I think that Nolan would have been able to make Freeze a respectable villain again by presenting him as an emotionally vulnerable yet physically powerful villain. Recently, Arkham City did an excellent job of representing Freeze as a person in an unusual and tragic situation. One that Batman sympathizes with. But, the conflict rises in that Batman can’t condone the violent acts that Freeze commits to try and save his wife.

A desperate man doing whatever he can to save the love of his life, harboring bitterness towards his enemy who has a moral obligation to stop him, even if it dooms his wife. Now that’s a story worth telling. With Nolan at the helm, how could it possibly go wrong?

Robin (All of them in some form or another)

robin batman arkham city dlc Batman Characters Who Could Have Used A Christopher Nolan Reboot

Holy gritty reboot, Batman!

Again, fans of the series are torn on this character, but I see him as one of the most exciting opportunities that Nolan could have used. That will never happen though, since Nolan has pretty much sworn off using him.

Fans began speculating that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be portraying him and though Nolan has said that Robin will not appear in the film, many are still remaining hopeful. That being said, watching the two (Batman and Robin) collaborate in this grittier, more violent world that Nolan has crafter would be a dream come true.

Also, let’s not forget Jason Todd. Obviously the most hated version of Robin, he was killed off after fans of the comic voted it so. It’s not really the character that’s interesting, but the way that his death affected the Bat. Joker brutally beats him and then blows him up with a bomb, leaving Batman to find the body and deal with the ramifications. Christian Bale has portrayed Batman incredibly well for two movies, and I believe that he could play a psychologically tortured version of the Bat perfectly. Now, lie to me and say that you wouldn’t want to see that.

Victor Zsasz

victor zsasz 645 75 Batman Characters Who Could Have Used A Christopher Nolan Reboot

This is the portrait of a sane and levelheaded individual.

Nolan has already explored a villain that actually kills people, as the Joker was a maniac who did just that. But, even his bodycount is a molehill compared to the chaos that Zsasz has created. He has claimed to have killed over 100 people (including women and children), only for the joy he gets from killing them. Zsasz is represented as a man who, before attempting suicide, realizes life is pointless and begins killing innocent people to liberate them from this “prison.” He also carves a tally onto his body with every death.

To say that he is twisted is an understatement, but I would have trusted Nolan completely with this character. If only he would have used him…oh wait, he did! Remember when Ra’s al Ghul attacks Gotham and the criminals in Arkham Asylum begin breaking out? Yeah, Zsasz was the guy who almost killed Rachel Dawes. In fact, in one of the promotional websites for The Dark Knight, it is said that he still remains at large.

Watching Batman face off against one of his most hated and vile foes would be amazing, especially with Nolan having complete control. It would give him a chance to further his look into how fragile and valuable human life is, giving two differing perspectives, one from the killer and one from the protector. The unbridled violence that Zsasz embodies would be another perfect vision for Nolan to bring to the screen.

Killer Croc

arkham KillerCroc Batman Characters Who Could Have Used A Christopher Nolan Reboot

Be honest…you just peed a little.

There’s nothing too deep here. I would just love to see the Bat face off with this hulking mass of reptilian terror. Wouldn’t you? Plus, seeing the character on the big screen would be a real treat.

So like I said before, the new Batman series is great, and The Dark Knight Rises is going to blow us all away. But, looking back, it’s interesting to think of what other characters would have been like with a visionary like Nolan at the reins.

Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Did I forget any good ones? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • jax00001

    The Riddler!

  • WoWed

    i could take or leave most these simply because i’m not a fan of them, but seeing a serious Mr. Freeze would be absolutely terrifying (In a good way).

  • Jedi

    Patrick Stewart as Mr. Freeze would have been beyond awesome.

    • Mike

      Really? No he wouldn’t. That would be awful. Don’t get me wrong Patrick Stewart is an amazing actor, but Mr. Freeze he is not. Just because a guy is bald doesn’t mean he would make a great Mr. Freeze. I’m sick of stupid fan castings where people cast people just because they share one physical feature of the character, they are hot, or they are in some popular sappy romance flick. Clearly these people no nothing about acting or movies, so keep your stupid casting choices to yourself so I don’t have to beat my head against the wall each time I see some stupid dribble people put online. Sorry to take this out on you Jedi, your idea isn’t that stupid but you have to admit, people have some stupid casting choices. Of course the professionals aren’t that great either. I mean look at what we’ve seen so far, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider, Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman, and that’s just the worst three.

      • Jedi

        I wasn’t saying that just because Patrick Stewart is bald. If you watch The Animated Series, they have a lot of physical traits in common other than the baldness, and I could see Stewart playing that version of Mr. Freeze quite easily. Either way, he’s still a better casting choice than Arnold ever was.


          I happen to agree, Patrick Stewart as Freeze is not stupid. In fact his name was often floated for Freeze when they were casting for B&R. The main reason was that Stewart could actually ACT. It was thought that he could bring the emotional backstory that comes with Freeze to the forefront. No silly ice suit, nor ice gun needed. That being said what became of Mr. Freeze in B&R with Arnold was a mockery of the character. He plays the same character in nearly every movie. This was no different. Now maybe it went with the campiness that JS was looking for. But for actual fans it was an embarrassment, one that nearly killed the franchise.

          Stewart could actually bring a respectfulness to the character, and be an absolute rival in the brain department for Batman. It was not, and still isn’t, far fetched.

  • Adam

    Zsasz was in Batman Begins for like 2 seconds wasnt he?

  • Ian

    I think a Killer Croc reboot would be out of place in Nolan’s hyper-realistic world…

    • Boysinister

      Which is the problem I have with it. I enjoyed the films to a certain extent but they’re just not Batman to me. Sorry :(

  • Rob Grizzly

    Freeze doesn’t work by the mere fact that he freezes things. His backstory is great, but his m.o. is too silly for Nolan. Imagine, Bale is fighting away, and then he gets ice-gunned. Doesn’t work.

  • zboobi

    there are no super powers or mutated people in Nolan’s Batmans. only “realistic” enemies.

    Killer croc and Freeze wouldn’t do.

    I’d rather see Deathstroke, the Riddler or the Penguin.

    • rob

      Or black mask, really wanted to see him. Deathstroke too that would’ve fit in rly well

    • syn

      you could do Freeze if try. give him some bad frostbite and a gun/carrying tank combo that shoots pressurized liquid nitrogen and you might have something.

    • thatoneguy

      No super powered people…..are you serious!?!?! Ras al ghul. The Lazarus Pit made him live longer yes. But it also gave him super strength and agility. Plus other highten abilities

      • Steve Freeman

        In the comics, sure. In the movies though, the Lazarus Pit was never mentioned or even implied.

  • Mike

    You know what else is sad… Batman The Dark Knight Rises was an awful movie. If only this was right and it blew us all away… but instead it was some how worse than the horrible destruction of Iron Man in Iron Man 3. Both movies were bad, but Dark Knight Rises takes the cake for bad movies. I mean how could they think that Anne Hathaway was a good choice for Cat Woman. Bane was another dumb lackey for some reason, and Talia was just a copy of her father… how boring.

    • Nicholas Cody VanAlst

      Are you kidding me? The Dark Knight Rises was bad? Take your jaded goggles off and actually watch a film for what it is

  • Newbourne

    Killer Croc couldn’t appear in TDKR. He was already booked for The Amazing Spiderman.

    • Jack

      you’re joking, right?


        Killer Croc and Lizard have always been compared to each other between DC and Marvel.

  • Newbourne

    Killer Croc couldn’t appear in TDKR. He was already booked for The Amazing Spiderman.

  • Newbourne

    Killer Croc couldn’t appear in TDKR. He was already booked for The Amazing Spiderman.

  • Akob

    The problem with Freeze and Croc is that no now else in Nolan’s world has anything beyond current science. If Batman is incorporated into a Justice League film alongside Superman, then “Powered” villains like Freeze and Croc would fit. I absolutely thing that Robin should get his own movie, though, possibly as Nightwing.

    • Steve Freeman

      Nightwing is easily one of my favorite DC characters, even surpassing Batman. I would love a movie about him.

  • Akob

    Also, I think Nolan should do Neil Patrick Harris as the riddler.

    • c_j

      No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.


      Neil can stick to musicals. We’ll get some real actors for the riddler.

  • dean

    i think my verson of killer croc would of been great in a nolan verse batman…

    • Big Mark

      Very impressive, I like the details and backstory, I can tell a lot of work went into this

  • Carter Mckinney

    If they were to continue the series Robin would become Nightwing and go solo.. they did set it up perfect for gordan levit to become him at the end

  • Carter Mckinney

    they set it up perfect for Gordon-Levitt to become Darkwing at the end of TDKR if they were gonna reboot Robin… loads of mock movie posters out there for it allready

    • Bonsly91

      im guessing you mean Nightwing?
      ive never heard of a Darkwing other than Darkwing Duck.
      however i could be wrong…

      • Carter Mckinney

        read below :P i couldnt delete it

  • Buggs

    jonah hill as penguin!!!

  • YusukiShredder

    I would have loved to see the Riddler rebooted. not only was he one of my favorite villains ever, but his hyper-cunning, yet casual displacement for life would have been a perfect match for the psychological tone of Nolan’s movies. Couldn’t you see Nolan take the Riddler to an all-new level? Ugh, I would die to see that movie. Someone! Take the Riddler on! It would also give Nolan a chance to show off Batman’s smarts; an almost Sherlock moment.

    • Zed_96

      I think if Riddler was in it, it would be kinda like Saw traps which would be brilliant! :D


      Nolan didn’t even wan’t to to do TDKR, and had to be convinced to. Move on from Nolan…he’s clearly moved on from us.

      • Boysinister

        THANK YOU! Nolan did a trio of action films. As a Batman fan they are an interesting take on the character. That’s all. They’re not Batman to me, just entertaining blockbusters.

        • j

          I agree. The villains in Nolan’s films, while amazing, don’t capture the same persona from the comics. For example, I could never see Nolan’s Joker doing something like a fun house of death. Or at least, he wouldn’t do it right.

  • FenrisJUlf

    Watch the first movie again than remake this list. Victor Zsasz in it. He is the guy that Crane gets transferred to Arkham. He is also at the end of the movie.

  • Kenneth

    Fuck You

  • screenname

    What about poison ivy!?!

  • boolbool

    robin was in the dark night rises


      A simple shout out at the end of the movie to the fans (to shut them up about Robin). Meh, Nolan’s version is not one I cling to very much.

  • Run

    Nolan’s batman lives in a “realistic universe” that precludes characters like Killer Crock from appearing. Victor Zsasz, Catwoman, Joker, Scarecrow, and Bane all fit in nicely because the audience can imagine these characters existing in the real world.

    The missing characters are The Penguin – the male version of catwoman – and Shame, whom we can imagine is simply a delusional criminal who “thinks” he’s a cowboy/western outlaw.

    Mr. Freeze could exist within a realistic universe, but it would take a lot of work. He couldn’t exist as a mad scientist “about to blow up the world”, or a scientist holding Gotham hostage and stealing money to “pay” for research resources. How ridiculous was THAT in Schumaker’s film? Steal money to pay for something…

    A real thief would just steal the research materials and resources directly.

    • Run

      Riddler is also a realistic villain. He’s a narcissistic, paychopathic serial robber. Nothing fake or pretentious there.

  • Lemon

    I like how there was a shout-out to Killer Croc in TDKR

  • I33T

    Yeah they shud make a remake

  • Sean

    It seems like people are just basically saying that characters like Croc and Freeze couldn’t have been in the Nolan Universe because they are too unbelievable and not realistic…that’s what Nolan and co. have done so well.
    I liked the comment by Dean and his version of Croc. Personally, I’ve kind of thought it would be cool to see him as a former fighter/boxer/wrestler turned drug addict. To feed his addiction he turns to crime. The side effects of the addiction however, turn his skin scaly and hideous. The realism behind this comes from a drug epidemic in Russia called Krokodil (really disgusting stuff, google it).

  • Bruce Wayne

    Newsflash! Nolan’s Bat-Universe doesn’t exist anymore. Woot! Moving on…

  • Miko

    What ever that robin was hot as f*ck!

  • Nicthalon

    I would love to see Robin done right, especially if they went with Tim Drake. His attitude could fill any need for comic relief, if scripted right, while still providing an intelligent, cunning sidekick, who, while young and still learning, could one day surpass Wayne as a detective.