Child Of God Star Scott Haze Joins James Franco’s As I Lay Dying

haze franco parrack as i lay dying 670x298 Child Of God Star Scott Haze Joins James Francos As I Lay Dying

Today we can bring you the news that the star of James Franco‘s upcoming film Child Of God, Scott Haze, has joined the cast of Franco’s next directorial film, As I Lay Dying. The film will see Haze re-teaming with not only Franco but also True Blood star Jim Parrack and Tim Blake Nelson, who also star in Child Of God.

As I Lay Dying is an adaptation of William Faulkner’s novel of the same name which follows the story of the death of Addie Bundren and her family’s quest and motivations—noble or selfish—to honor her wish to be buried in the town of Jefferson. The film, which begins production this October in Mississippi, will also star Danny McBride, Ahna O’Riley and Logan Marshall Green, and will also see Franco taking acting duties alongside his role as writer/director.

Haze, a close friend of both Franco and Parrack, envisioned, built and founded The Sherry Theater in North Hollywood. He recently made a documentary about wrestler Lee Kemp titled Ghost & Goblins and has starred in numerous film and TV projects, as well as writing, directing and starring in critically acclaimed theatre productions.

On top of that, from what we’ve heard, Haze’s performance in Child Of God as the film’s protagonist Lester Ballard is quite amazing, and will definitely give the rising star some well deserved attention.

Unfortunately, Franco’s previous directional films haven’t gained as much traction as he might have hoped. However, As I Lay Dying and Child Of God, which are both long time passions of Franco’s and key novels from highly respected American authors, seem to be really grabbing people’s attention. Of all the projects Franco has put his name on in the past couple of years, these are the two that have us intrigued the most.

As I Lay Dying is expected to be released in 2013.

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  • Atasi Mukherjee

    I can already feel the movie as being a success directed first of all by the talented James Franco and to covet this film for 80 yrs that no one else has done before. James has done both dramatic and comedic work in projects and has appeared in an eclectic range of films. He also holds multiple degrees and is highly intelligent. Franco has a way with the various roles he engages in whatever it may be folks he sure is great at his roles and takes each project very seriously and plays them out like a perfectionist lol!! James Franco being “one of the best actors of his generation” an avid A-Lister who has a vision and carries out his craft in such fashion that other A-Listers fail to do which stands him out from the other successful actors in Hollywood. He’s one of the most talented directors an admirable man who has accomplished an indefinite amount of projects I see an Oscar headed toward his direction soon!!