Shawn Levy Targets Late Spring 2017 Start For Uncharted Movie, Addresses Casting Rumors


Shawn Levy Targets Late Spring 2017 Start For Uncharted Movie, Addresses Casting Rumors

Shawn Levy is quietly gearing up for a busy 2017.

Earlier this week, we learned that the writer-director will circle back to Hawkins, Indiana to helm multiple episodes of Stranger Things season 2 – a series that is now in active production – but the Netflix sensation isn’t the only directing gig in the cards. That’s because Levy has climbed aboard the Uncharted movie and, in doing so, brought a sense of stability to a project that was once fraught with creative setbacks.

Still no release date to report, but we now understand that Levy is keen to get the cameras rolling mid-way through 2017. Chatting to Collider, the filmmaker began by expressing his long-time appreciation of Naughty Dog’s action-adventure series, and why he believes the eventual live-action movie will be worlds away from its genre peers.

“I’ve been interested in this project for years. I’ve played and loved every iteration of the game. I think it’s largely a popularly accepted notion that it’s as cinematic a game as we’ve had, maybe ever, certainly of late. And it’s cinematic in that it’s not only wildly visual, but it’s really rooted in character and a very specific tone and a sense of fun, right? When is the last great, fun, fucking action-dynamic, treasure-hunting movie? Right? It’s not Indiana Jones, it’s not National Treasure; it’s very specific, it’s all kind of anchored in Nathan’s tone. I am unabashedly thrilled to be making that next year.”

When asked about the casting search for Nathan Drake himself, Levy joked that any “square-jawed, ruggedly handsome” actor is in contention, and it seems Twitter has already located some candidates.

“I’ve been pitched everyone. God bless you, Twitter, but I made a joke that, “You’re saving me the money of hiring a casting director, Twitter,” because from Nikolaj [Coster-Waldau] to Oscar Isaac, [Nathan] Fillion, everyone that you would, [Chris] Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Pine…The goal is to film in the late spring, early summer.”

Shawn Levy’s live-action rendition of Uncharted is officially moving forward. It’ll tap into Nathan Drake’s lineage, apparently, and introduce moviegoers to a swashbuckling treasure hunter who is, in essence, the antithesis of Indiana Jones.

Source: Collider

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