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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Manga Releases Today [Special First Look]

There's a lot more Animal Crossing lore and fanservice in this book than anybody would have expected.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Deserted Island Diary released today and it contains far more Animal Crossing lore and nudity (no we’re not kidding) than fans might expect. The first manga for the game was published by VIZ Media and features art and stories created by KOKUNASU☆RUMBA best known for her work on Ai♡Burger Bakamaru, Pokupoku Pokuchin, and Four-Panel YO-KAI WATCH: Geragera Manga Theater.

The story follows Coroyuki, Benben, Himepoyo, and Guchan as they land on an island for their dream vacation only to learn it’s deserted! They meet Tom Nook and his sons and begin their adventure on the island like most players in the game, with many more hijinks of course. Everything from helping out Gulliver to DIY projects are on the table as a new story unfolds each chapter.

Image Courtesy Of VIZ Media

The manga gives fans of the series a chance to see characters in a whole new light. See just when happens when Tom Nook is no longer willing to deal with shenanigans, learn what actually happens when you leave complaints with Isabelle, and have your jaw drop when Mabel’s favorite outfit is more like wearing nothing at all.

Seriously, this manga even has fan service. Fans of Raymond (come on, we’ve seen all the pictures of him in a maid dress) will find the museum chapter particularly fantastic as not only does he display a “freshly worn swimsuit” but poses naked on a pedestal in front of everyone (and strips down more than once).

Image Courtesy Of VIZ Media

The animal guides within the pages are amazing ways to learn more about fan’s favorite characters in special bonus comics. Plus, the bonus tips for the game are especially helpful for new and old players alike. It’s aesthetically adorable and the comedic moments are sure to leave fans smiling.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Deserted Island Diary is available for purchase from VIZ Media and wherever manga is sold.

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