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A ‘Twilight’ actor has hopes for a role in the upcoming ‘Harry Potter’ TV show

He's looking for a job, apparently.

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You might not recognize actor Peter Facinelli as he is now, but throw a blond wig, white makeup and amber contacts on him and you might. Facinelli played the vampire Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movies from the early 2010s, and now that there are new shows on the way from both that franchise and Harry Potter, he said he’d love to be considered for a role.

Facinelli spoke with The Messenger recently at a gala, where it asked him how he felt about the upcoming TV revamps of both franchises. It’s probably not a surprise that he’s pumped about it.

“The fact that people are still watching [Twilight] is wonderful. When you do a film, you hope it lives on, and the fact that they’re making a TV show, I’m excited to see it,” he said. He’s really interested in how they’re going to handle the adaptation and how different it’s going to be from the movies, for both Twilight and Harry Potter.

“I’m a big fan of that as well,” he said about the Potter movies. Would he be interested in a cameo? Who wouldn’t!

“I’m hoping I can do Harry Potter. I’m hoping I can do a cameo in Twilight. … Carlisle is, like, 300 years old, [but] I don’t look over 250, right?” Zing!

If either property does hire him, they’re going to get one really dedicated actor. Facinelli recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s done “crazy, extreme things” to prepare for roles.

“One time, I was auditioning for a movie where my character was going to be stuck in a prison cell in another country, getting tortured all the time. To prepare, I slept in my shed for four days. I asked my wife at the time to just bring food out at certain times. I wanted to feel that sense of loneliness and complete isolation. I had nothing in there with me, no phone, no TV, nothing at all. I was going insane. I didn’t know if it was day or night because it was a tool shed.”

He didn’t get the part, which — man, why go through all that? He wanted to “know what it felt like to experience that so I could bring it to the audition because it was a character who was going mad.”

“I went straight from the shed to the audition and I didn’t get the part but I do feel like it helped inform the performance. It would’ve been nice to get that part but I don’t regret doing that. It’s all part of the process.”

Someone hire this man before he hurts himself.

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