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Amber Heard responds to claims she was acting in court: ‘Says the man who convinced the world he has scissors for fingers?’

'I had listened to weeks of testimony that I'm a terrible actress. I'm a bit confused at how I can be both.'

The Today show released another clip of NBC’s upcoming prime-time interview special with Amber Heard on Tuesday, in which co-host Savanah Guthrie made short work of grilling the 36-year-old actress.

Heard, who said that the defamation trial opposite Johnny Depp was “the most humiliating and horrible thing” she’s ever been through, doubled down on claims from Monday’s clip that social media helped unfairly sway both the jury and court of public opinion in her ex-husband’s favor.

However, Guthrie pointed out that a lot of people watching the trial didn’t have sympathy for either Heard or Depp.

“I would not blame the average person for looking at this and how it’s been covered, and not think that it is Hollywood brats at their worst,” said Heard in response. “But what people don’t understand is that it’s actually so much bigger than that. This is not only about our First Amendment right to speak.”

“My understanding of that means is not just your freedom to speak, it’s the freedom to speak truth to power,” Heard continued, when Guthrie mentioned that the First Amendment doesn’t cover lies or defamation, which was the crux of this case in particular. “And that’s all I spoke, and I spoke it to power. And I paid the price.”

Guthrie continued to press Heard, asking her what she would say to Depp’s lawyers, who said in their closing argument that her testimony was “the performance of a lifetime” and that she was acting on the stand.

“Says the lawyer for the man who convinced the world he has scissors for fingers?” Heard asked incredulously, adding rhetorically, “I’m the performer? I had listened to weeks of testimony, insinuating or saying quite directly that I’m a terrible actress. I’m a bit confused at how I can be both.”

It’s a fair point — though it’s not really clear how Depp’s 1990 film Edward Scissorhands factors into this. But regardless of which side you believe, or even if you think they’re both in the wrong, you can’t deny that Depp had more money and better resources for the trial. Meanwhile, Heard’s lawyers are planning to appeal the verdict, which awarded her ex $10 million.

The full NBC News interview special will air on NBC at 8pm ET on Friday, June 17.

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