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The 10 best Hunter Doohan movies and TV shows

Hunter Doohan's versatility as an actor has earned him acclaim in both film and television.

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Hunter Doohan is a name to remember when it comes to up-and-coming stars in the entertainment industry. The son of Australian tennis player Peter Doohan, Hunter was born on January 18, 1994, and is most known for his roles as Your Honor and Wednesday on television. His journey to Hollywood began when he took an interest in acting in high school and through community theater. 

After graduating high school, Doohan interned at Elizabeth Barnes Casting in Los Angeles. Then he worked as a background extra, waiter, and tour guide at Universal Studios while he studied acting and auditioned for roles. Doohan’s breakout performance was as the younger Warren Cave in the premiere season of the Apple TV Plus original comedy Truth Be Told, which starred Aaron Paul. 

Despite his young age, Hunter Doohan has garnered acclaim, becoming a household name in film and television thanks to his impressive acting chops and charismatic on-screen persona, and his star power is only increasing. Here is a look at his acting resume and the roles in which he’s excelled.

10. Westworld (2018)

Hunter Doohan had a small but memorable part as a member of the Confederados in the second season of the hit HBO drama Westworld, which debuted to the network’s most outstanding ratings for a premiere show since the launch of True Detective in 2014. The American science fiction Western television series Westworld, developed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, is primarily inspired by Michael Crichton’s original film from 1973 and its sequel from 1976, Futureworld

The show’s events unfold in the Wild West-themed amusement park Westworld, populated by android “hosts” with superior technology. High-paying visitors can act out their wildest desires without fear of reprisal from the park’s hosts, who are programmed not to hurt people. Later episodes expand the series’ setting to the real world of the mid-21st century, where a powerful artificial intelligence named Rehoboam drives and controls the lives of humanity. The show has won nine Primetime Emmys out of 54 nominations.

9. Where We Disappear (2019)

Hunter Doohan plays Ivan in this tale about overcoming the odds. In Where We Disappear, Anastasia, a young mother, sits at a Moscow train station, waiting for her husband to return from World War II. She tries to escape him, hoping to save herself and her son from his cruelty. She stabs him to death when he leaves her with no choice but to defend herself and her son. Anastasia is sent to the Gulag prison camp as punishment for her crime. 

State enemies, serious criminals, and petty thieves are all sent here to do hard labor in the wilderness of Siberia. Her arrival confuses the other women in her bunkhouse. The detainees’ personalities range from aggressive “bully” to timid “mouse,” from the stern “elder” to the attractive one who begs the guards for food. The fragility of each woman’s reliance on others keeps her alive. As a result, Anastasia is caught in the crossfire. Tensions grow when one convict manages to escape, and Anastasia discovers the horrifying truth about how she survived.

8. Last Patrol on Okinawa (2021)

Last Patrol on Okinawa is a short film starring Hunter Doohan as Private Jimmy “Fish” Morris and directed by Los Angeles native Nick Brokaw, whose family has roots in show business dating back four generations to the early 20th-century vaudeville and the golden age of Hollywood. The climactic events of Last Patrol on Okinawa, written by Aurauz Azima, Nick Brokaw, and Jerry Wolf, occur on August 6, 1945. 

A group of U.S. Marines has been given the difficult mission of clearing the caves, where some zealous Japanese soldiers and Okinawan natives are still sheltering six weeks after the conflict. Stg. Woodson leads his troops through terrain that was fought for at an incomprehensible cost of human life over the course of three horrific months and after more than three years of island hopping and lost blood. The film also features Aaron Jay Rome, Jeremy John Wells, Jerry Wolf, Marie Digby, and Rob Narita, and despite mixed reviews, it provides a sobering look at the aftermath of war. 

7. Soundwave (2018)

In the film Soundwave, we see how the life of a young, talented inventor takes a dramatic turn as he creates a device that can hear into the past. His life becomes a living hell once a deadly group becomes interested in his innovation. Ben, played by Hunter Doohan, is a timid teen electrician who plays around with a sort of radio that allows him to hear into the past, listening in on random people and keeping tabs on his neighbor Katie (Katie Owsley). 

He occasionally attempts to do good by assisting a detective (Vince Nappo) with his cases. Still, when the detective wants to make them rich by marketing the invention, it attracts guys who have said things they’d prefer to remain hidden. Doohan makes Ben’s social awkwardness appealing, and Owsley is believable as a troubled young woman without many people to trust but Ben. Together, they provide the energy necessary to keep the plot rolling while Ben is pursued. 

6. Ringing Rocks (2022)

In this eerie thriller, Hunter Doohan stars as a man whose idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of regular life turns out to be the worst place on Earth. Anson (Hunter Doohan) takes his grieving partner Cliff (Max Sheldon) on vacation to a desert resort. As the getaway gradually becomes more perilous, Anson must dig deep to find a glimmer of optimism. 

When a mysterious newcomer named Celia (Rhian Rees) enters the picture, the duo’s romantic getaway becomes increasingly claustrophobic. The short film, in which writer-director Gus Reed deals with the complexity of witnessing others’ anguish and sadness while also trying to keep one’s head straight in a world that twists and turns every few seconds, is hauntingly beautiful. Debuting during AFI Fest 2022, Ringing Rocks reflects the anxieties shared by many artists — and a window into Reed’s own life.

5. What/If (2019)

Netflix’s original series What/If is riveting due to the way it delves into the muck of ethical uncertainty, examining the repercussions of our decisions and the unanticipated directions they can take us in. Anne Montgomery, a wealthy San Francisco tech entrepreneur, makes an indecent proposal to a young couple trying to begin their medical technology company in the first episode of the thriller miniseries Mike Kelley developed and premiered on May 24, 2019. 

As they try to figure out Anne’s proposal, they get sucked into a dangerous game of power, deceit, and passion that could cost them all they care about. An outstanding cast, spearheaded by Renée Zellweger, made the show a success, and Hunter Doohan’s brief turn as Tyler in the episode “What Ghosts” was particularly noteworthy. 

4. Aware I’m Rare (2019)

Hunter Doohan’s ability to immerse himself in his parts is on full display in Aware I’m Rare. In one episode, he plays Evan, a young man diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, which affects only a tiny percentage of the population. Doohan’s portrayal lends warmth and emotion to the daily hardships of those who suffer from rare diseases. 

The actor’s performance exemplifies his commitment to art and his talent for striking an emotional chord with his audience. In Aware I’m Rare, we follow a diverse group of young adults who struggle with pulmonary hypertension. This production aimed to document the experiences of people with PH, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, all over the world in a way that will significantly impact public understanding of this rare disease.

3. Truth Be Told (2019 – 2020)

In the TV show Truth Be Told, Hunter Doohan played a younger version of Aaron Paul’s character, Warren Cave. Doohan’s performance is outstanding; he captures Paul’s character’s essence while remaining true to the spirit of one of television’s most beloved characters. 

Truth Be Told is a crime/legal drama series available exclusively on Apple TV Plus. Based on Kathleen Barber’s 2017 novel debut, Are You Sleeping, the series was developed by Nichelle Tramble Spellman. Octavia Spencer’s Poppy Parnell plays the lead character, a podcaster who returns to the case that made her famous in the hopes of discovering the truth. The first episode aired on December 6, 2019, and the show lasted for three seasons.  

2. Your Honor (2020 – 2021)

The drama series Your Honor, starring Bryan Cranston, was inspired by the Israeli show Kvodo. This show premiered on Showtime on December 6, 2020, and aired through March 19, 2023, even though it was supposed to be a miniseries. In season one, New Orleans judge Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) is willing to go to great lengths to protect his son. 

Although Michael first encourages Adam (Hunter Doohan) to give himself in after the tragic death of another kid in a hit-and-run accident, he quickly changes his mind after discovering that the victim was the son of a drug lord. Michael’s decision to shield his kid sets in motion a chain of events fraught with peril, including lying, hiding, maintaining secrets, and making tough decisions that end tragically.

1. Wednesday (2022)

In the first season of the 2022 Netflix series Wednesday, Hunter Doonan plays Tyler Galpin, one of the antagonists. A Jericho native and the offbeat offspring of Sheriff Donovan Galpin and his late wife Francoise, he forms an unusual bond with Wednesday Addams. Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, is the protagonist, and the story follows her as she investigates a homicide at her new high school.

Wednesday, a TV show based on the character created by Charles Addams, is a supernatural comic horror show that premiered on November 16, 2022, on Netflix to largely positive reviews. Within the first three weeks of its debut, it climbed to the second most-watched English-language Netflix series of all time. 

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