Brie Larson snaps selfie with puppy in battle of the cutest

Brie Larson
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Brie Larson is reminding you to stop a relatable yet terrible habit with a new selfie today, and this time, her snaps have the most adorable guest stars. What could be cuter than a selfie from Larson? A picture of Larson with dogs, of course!

Larson took to Twitter and reminded fans that we should take a break from doom-scrolling, and it’s something we’ve all been guilty of. Giving us a breath of fresh air, the Marvel star cuddled up with a pup and shared a selfie on Twitter. She also added a snap of two more adorable puppies, and it’s hard to choose who wins the award for being the most precious.

The thing is, we’re all coming out on top here; Larson and her pups are so adorable we don’t have to pick a number one. In one snap, Larson is traveling somewhere with a sweet dog who looks content to be admiring everything passing by. The following image shows two dogs lying in bed with no rush to get up and start the day — relatable, right?

If you find yourself asking how it could get better from there, check out the comments section. Larson fans started sharing pictures of their pups to stop the doom scroll; it was just the endorphin boost we needed this afternoon.

Don’t fret; fans also shared pictures of their sweet cats and kittens; seriously, we can’t get enough of it.

This sweet pup passed over the rainbow bridge, but the Tweet still honors him and the fan’s adorable cat.

The Captain Marvel harness, how did we get so lucky?

Here’s to all of the sweet pups (and cats) and Larson for stopping our doom scroll and replacing it with the most adorable series of Tweets. You can check out the growing thread if you need a pick-me-up throughout the day.