Britney Spears dubbed Queen of Accountability by fans for apology issued to Alexa Nikolas

Britney Spears Alexa Nicholas
Image via Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images & YouTube

Britney Spears has apologized to Alexa Nikolas for not sticking up for the star during Nikolas’ time in Zoey 101, a show led by Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn Spears. Now, fans have applauded Britney for taking accountability for her actions and have confirmed suspicions about the younger Spears.

Spears released her apology on Twitter, admitting her ignorance and instantly believing her sister when she claimed that Nikolas was bullying her. In reality, it was the reverse and she should have realized what was really going on. Spears also felt bad about how Nikolas was treated in the industry at such a young age and apologized for making her experience worse.

“It broke my heart to see your interview about your experience in the business… Hollywood is a place of dreams but let’s be honest… on rare occasions do people come out years later and share the dark side!!!

“I know it’s 15 years later what you are sharing but trust me… I know it still matters!!! Although I have apologized to you personally just by ”instinct” my heart at the time didn’t know how incredibly good my family was with the ACTING LANGUAGE!!!

“I apologize for my ignorance for yelling at you when I obviously had no idea what was really going on!!!

“The way you spoke gave me strength and inspiration but I do write you this message today because I am sorry for ever hurting your feelings!!! You should tell Nickelodeon to kiss your ass.”

Nikolas saw the apology and thanked Spears for taking accountability for her ignorance and wishing her to stay strong. Nikolas released a full statement on her Instagram, saying that she’s forgiven Spears and that her words “healed her childhood wounds.” She finished her statement by following Spears’ advice and left a special message for Nickelodeon.

“I’m sitting here crying with my jaw on the floor. Thank you for seeing me and listening to me. Thank you for apologizing. As you know I forgive you. You have always been my biggest inspiration and strength since I was 6 years old. You have healed so many childhood wounds for me as an adult. Your voice is POWERFUL.

“Beyond. I hope you always know that. This is honestly one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. We forget as a society how much support and love impacts us. My child self and current self is in awe of the incredible person you are. I always knew that about you. I’m pretty positive so many of us always knew. Thank you for being you and embracing everything that you are… To describe you now would be a wordless language. Thank you for this. I can’t wait to show my daughter Nova what an inspiration you are now and forever. Love you. You deserve the best…”

Fans praised Spears for apologizing and noticed how she worded it like a true apology. They noticed that Spears has admitting fault and acknowledged Nikolas’ pain. This response has also confirmed multiple suspicions that Jamie Lynn lied about her co-star and has gotten away with it.

Nikolas shared details about her experience at the Zoey 101 set in the Real Pod with Victoria Garrick podcast. She revealed details about the terrible treatment and bullying she’s endured and how the producers of the show did nothing about it. There were multiple reports of off-camera fighting with Jamie Lynn which led to Nicholas’s departure from the show.

Nikolas is one of the few child stars that publicly shared their negative experience with Nickelodeon. Recently, former iCarly star, Jennette McCurdy, released a memoir where she detailed her negative experience in Nickelodeon and her resentment towards Ariana Grande.