Chris Evans can’t speak highly enough of three-time co-star Ana de Armas

Knives Out
Image via MRC

In an industry plagued by rampant sexism and unfair treatment of women, it’s a breath of the freshest air possible to see male actors lift their female counterparts, and after two films in the books alongside Ana de Armas and another on the way, Chris Evans is singing all the praise for the talented actress.

The two first joined forces with a pair of standout performances in Rian Johnson’s beloved murder mystery film, Knives Out. In the film, de Armas portrays protagonist Marta Cabrera, a nurse and close friend of deceased mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey, who is placed under the microscope when it’s revealed that Harlan has left all of his wealth and assets in her name. Evans, meanwhile, makes his turn as Ransom Drysdale, the thoroughly dislikeable grandson of Harlan who winds up as Marta’s confidant.

Their next feature together will be the Russo brothers’ The Gray Man, an upcoming action thriller and the most expensive film ever put out by Netflix. Evans is set to star as the primary antagonist in Lloyd Hansen, a deranged assassin and former CIA operative who seeks to kill CIA agent Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling) after he uncovers some of the CIA’s darkest secrets. Dani Miranda, another CIA agent whose role in the film has been kept under slightly more wraps, will be portrayed by de Armas.

There’s never been any shortage of excitement in a project whenever these two have been involved, and in a comment to Elle, Evans was all too happy to say the best about de Armas, and that he was a “fan first” when it came to her acting ability.

I’m a fan first. There are certain people on camera you can’t stop watching, and her range, from power to vulnerability, is incredibly wide. Every actor has strong suits, but she can go from almost dangerous to exposed and gentle and soft in one scene.

The duo will appear together again in Ghosted, an upcoming action-adventure film that will release to Apple TV Plus at a yet undisclosed date. Meanwhile, The Gray Man is set to release on Netflix on July 22 after a limited theatrical release on July 15.