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DC fans gunning for Ryan Reynolds to get second chance at Green Lantern

Should Reynolds return to the role?

Ryan Reynolds second chance Green Lantern
Image via Warner Bros.

One of DC’s first attempts to catch up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw Ryan Reynolds star as the brash Hal Jordan in 2011’s Green Lantern, which failed miserably. Even then, some fans want to see him return to the role.

The character and mantle of Green Lantern has been left to languish by Warner Bros. since 2011, with nobody really sure when the studio will get around to finding justice for the character. DC fans are now discussing whether he should return, and the verdict is fairly surprisingly positive.

Reynolds returned to his Deadpool costume after the unmititated disaster which was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and made the Merc with a Mouth truly his own, but is it really a good idea for a return to the green-screen nightmare suit? There was criticism of his performance in Green Lantern for not embodying Hal Jordan, and one call is for Alden Ehrenreich to take it on.

There were reports he was set to make a comeback in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but the idea of any Lantern appearing got thoroughly pushed back by Warner Bros.

If he did return, he’d be one of several actors to play roles across rival brands DC and Marvel, with one commenter declaring he’d be the “crown jewel” of both universes. A big, big call.

A Green Lantern series from Arrow producer Mark Guggenheim, which will star Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner, is in the works. Guggenheim also served as a writer on the 2011 Green Lantern film, so second chances are a thing in the DC world.

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