Emily Blunt shares how Chris Evans feels about being the reigning Sexiest Man Alive

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

After “America’s Ass” was officially crowned as the Sexiest Man Alive by People, Chris Evans has been the talk of the town and absolutely bathing in the Hollywood spotlight. But as it turns out, the MCU star is actually a bit redder in the face than one would initially expect. At least, that’s what Emily Blunt has said. That’s right, the wife of Mister Fantastic (John Krasinski) knows precisely how Captain America feels about being the sexiest man in the world. Follow?

While chatting with ET, Blunt revealed that while Evans undoubtedly harbored some intense nerves for his People photo shoot, she is convinced that he was truly excited to be awarded the title — which certainly comes as no surprise, seeing as virtually anyone would be honored to bear such a prize. As Blunt noted:

“I had the little secret slip of it. I think he was a bit embarrassed but sort of secretly thrilled. Who wouldn’t be thrilled?”

Interestingly enough, when Evans was first notified by People of the honorable title, he was working with Blunt on the set of Pain Hustlers — an upcoming drama film that intertwines elements of conspiracy and criminal activity. Apparently, the duo’s collaboration on the movie is when Evans revealed the accomplishment to Blunt personally, who was obviously over the moon for her friend.

Despite Evans’ crowning, a fair amount of folks firmly believe that another MCU star was deserving of the honor. Of course, we’re talking about Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd, which effectively kick-started a sexy civil war between the two actors. Nevertheless, Evans is carrying his victory in style while remaining incredibly humble and honoring his legacy as the best Chris.