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Fans are sure Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ stellar Halloween costume won him a direct ticket to DCU

He can rap, he can act, and evidently impress the DCU bosses in one go.

Sean Diddy Combs
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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs might have just earned his spot on the Best Halloween costumes list for his stellar costume and exceptional performance as everyone’s favorite Clown Prince of Crime.

As celebrities reveal their most eccentric Halloween costumes, they prove time and again their undeniable talent of re-living the iconic looks of some of the most beloved cult characters. The latest name on this list is the one and only Puff Daddy who defied every Joker wannabe with his rendition of the classic 2008 superhero film, The Dark Night. Combs shared his bizarrely nostalgic costume on his Twitter account, posting a video where he is seen acting out an almost-perfect rendition of Heath Ledger’s Joker. The rapper laughs out loud while ‘accidentally’ dropping a bomb in the middle of a parking lot — classic Joker.

As far as football veteran Will Blackmon is concerned, Diddy just gave an epic audition that could win him the covered DCU debut.

The musician’s already praised outfit and acting became an even larger event when he ran into the “WHO DAT BOY” rapper, Tyler the Creator. Tyler immediately compliments Diddy, saying his performance and outfit are “top tier,” while laughing as the rap legend greeted him completely immersed in his character.

Obviously, the internet loved Comb’s rendition just as much as Tyler the Creator. Deeper into the night, P. Diddy’s costume became an even bigger success, with fans announcing that the rapper may have just won Halloween this year.

Other than his incredibly detailed costume, fans seemed to be even more impressed by the rapper’s acting skills, saying they didn’t know “he had such good acting skills.”

While Heath Ledger’s performance as the psychopathic clown is immortal, DCU is definitely up for experimenting with the role. Joaquin Phoenix and Barry Keoghan are already here, how about adding Diddy to the list as well Warner Bros.?

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