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Ice-T trashes Thanksgiving as ‘one of the most BS Holidays ever’

Ice doesn't hold back when it comes to America's favorite excuse to overeat

SUN VALLEY, CA - SEPTEMBER 08: Ice-T participates in the Michaels Make Off at Stage THIS on September 8, 2018 in Sun Valley, California.
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Welp, don’t expect any tea with your turkey this Thanksgiving. Law and Order SVU star Ice-T isn’t holding back his opinion on America’s biggest feast day and he doesn’t even serve it with any trimmings. As far as Ice is concerned the whole holiday isn’t worth a can of jellied cranberry … except as a day off!

The Rhyme Pays rapper took to his Twitter account this morning to express his feelings (to those that he hasn’t blocked) that Thanksgiving is “one of the most BS Holidays ever.” He might appreciate the time off but as for the sentiments he made it clear he thinks Turkey Day is for the birds.

It seems like Ice’s poor regard for the holiday might have something to do with the day’s association with the so-called “First Thanksgiving” in 1621 between the settlers of the Plymouth Colony aka “The Pilgrims” who had settled on the land of the indigenous Patuxet tribe and the Wampanoag people (the details of the meal are largely believed to be modern embellishments).

A user responded to Ice’s post with a meme featuring a painting of the “First Thanksgiving” with text reading “Could you pass the pumpkins and maize and we’ll pass you the smallpox blankets.” It is a reference to another likely apocryphal tale of colonists deliberately infecting indigenous tribes with linen that had been used by smallpox victims.

Ice seemed to agree with the overall sentiment at least, quote-tweeting the response with a caption of “Pretty much …”

Twitter being what it is these days, someone quickly responded with accusations of “woke”-ism. Ice was having little of that interpretation though, following the comment with another quick retweet asking “What’s the other option? Sleep?” proving that whatever opinions the Body Count frontman might have about the holiday feast, it’s never a good idea to come for T on his own Twitter page.

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