Is Maya Rudolph’s face really going to replace the M&M’s logo?

Maya Rudolph & M&Ms
Images via Mars, Inc/Graphic by Brandy Cruz

Okay, before you start boycotting, settle down and hear us out — we don’t hate M&M‘s new look, and we definitely don’t hate its new spokesperson. Caught in the midst of what seems to be a chocolaty culture war, this iconic candy company has recently decided to replace its beloved mascots with none other than comedian, actress, and all-around legend Maya Rudolph.

Equally appreciated, Rudolph seems to be the perfect choice to take over the chocolate snack brand. After all, those anthropomorphic candies have been around since the ’50s, if anyone needs a break — it’s them.

So what actually is going to be printed on the physical M&M’s candy? Will it remain the timeless, simple letter M? Has it turned into Maya Rudolph’s smiling face? And, more importantly, does it even matter? Seriously, people, it’s just chocolate.

The truth is, we have no clue if Maya Rudolph’s face is actually going to be the new M&M logo. Context would tell us that, being a comedian, Rudolph and the folks at Mars are just having a little fun at our expense. If they do end up changing the candy a bit though, more power to them.

Reinvention is a part of life, so regardless of how things shake out, we’re excited to see how Maya Rudolph handles her new title as M&M’s “Chief of Fun” — if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s her.

Who knows? Maybe next time we’re at the movies, it’ll be Maya Rudolph strapped to a rocket asking us to turn off our cell phones. Mars, if you’re reading this, let’s make that priority number one.