Is Percy Hynes White dating anyone?

Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thrope in Netflix's 'Wednesday'
Image via Netflix

Actor Percy Hynes White has been in the public eye for as long as he’s been making movies and TV shows, which is to say since 2008. However, his biggest push into the spotlight came when he signed on to play the character Xavier Thrope in the Netflix hit show Wednesday

Throughout the show’s first season, White, now 21, acquired a legion of fans for going toe-to-toe with Jenna Ortega’s gothic character Wednesday Adams and quickly became a fan-favorite character, as well as someone to watch out for not just in the following seasons but in the business.  

On Jan. 19, two months after Wednesday received a record number of views and the world waited in anticipation for news on the filming of season two, We Got This Covered reported about multiple sexual assault allegations White received online from women of his past.  

While Wednesday remains in between seasons, the cast – White and Ortega included – have begun tending to their daily lives once more. As such, questions of White’s relationship status have followed. As a young 21-year-old in Hollywood surely White has a budding romance, right? Here’s what we know. 

Who is Percy Hynes White dating?

While White has never shied away from posting pictures of women on his social media, typically artsy photos of nameless women lying on a bed, the assumption remains that these are just friends. White has not formally addressed his relationship status, and as such, he is believed to be single.

Of course, White has been previously linked to Pretty Hard Cases co-star Katie Douglas for some time, but it’s rumored that the pair broke up. And as a young actor with a flourishing career ahead of him, the likelihood that he has remained single following that supposed breakup feels a bit like saying a rockstar on the road hasn’t flirted with an adoring fan at least once, but we digress. 

Another rumor that has long circulated is that White and his Wednesday co-star Jenna Ortega are dating. Ortega added fuel to the fire when she took him to the 2023 Golden Globe Awards as her date. Then again, as his co-star on the show she was nominated for, it’s not far-fetched to assume the invite was platonic, but still, the implications remain. And let’s not forget the pair are starring in an upcoming movie together Winter Spring Summer or Fall

Until he himself addresses his relationship status or is spotted locking hands (or lips) with someone out on the town, Percy Hynes White remains very much a single man.