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‘Wednesday’ fans call for Percy Hynes White’s removal from show following sexual assault allegations

Neither Netflix nor the actor has addressed the #cancelPercy hashtag, which continues to gain traction on Twitter.

Xavier and Wednesday
Image via Netflix

The entire cast of Netflix’s hit series, Wednesday, has been basking in the glory of the show’s success, especially the younger cast who have emerged as breakout stars. But elation around the show getting renewed for a second season has been pushed to the sidelines in light of a number of women coming out on Twitter to level sexual assault allegations against Percy Hynes White

The allegations, made by @milkievich ⏤ who has also shared the accusations of other women against the actor on Twitter ⏤ highlight disturbing details about multiple incidents involving White when he was in high school in Toronto and mentions the ones the Wednesday star allegedly participated in between the age of 17 and 20. 

As per the allegations made in the thread, White, along with his group of friends, would throw parties where they would “explicitly invite women they thought were hot so they could get them drunk and high enough to have sex with them.” White has also been accused of assaulting multiple women, calling them abusive names, and sharing their nude pictures online without consent. 

Since the original thread has been posted, many other women have also shared allegations against him. 

Along with the accusations, a video of White uttering a racial slur has also been adding to the public furor against him. 

While the actor has yet to comment on the concerning revelations ⏤ though he has disabled comments on Instagram ⏤ Twitter is currently rife with the trending #cancelpercy as netizens demand his removal from Wednesday

Though many have stressed that the actor is innocent until proven guilty, many are sure that his career just took an unrecoverable nosedive. 

Neither Netflix nor the brains behind Wednesday have commented on the allegations, nor have they given their verdict on whether or not White still has a place in Wednesday season two.

If you know someone suffering from sexual violence, contact RAINN or the National Sexual Abuse Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.